Win Big with Avios Rewards!

Win Big with Avios Rewards!

Have you Heard of Avios?

It’s a super simple rewards program which allows you to spend on everyday items like groceries and petrol and earn rewards for travel. Be it car hire, flights or hotel stays. Rack up the points when you shop at Tesco, Shell and the like and then spend them through British Airways. Couldn’t be simpler!


Want to Win Big?

Avios are running a great competition at the moment via their Facebook page. Click through and you could be in to win prizes like…

Eurostar tickets to Paris? Yes, please! The City of Light is perfect at this time of year. Spend your days cycling along the Seine and your nights under the starry lights of the Eiffel Tower. Bring someone special on this trip for sure!

How about a weekend in Budapest? With flights and hotel stay of course. Some say Budapest is the Paris of Eastern Europe. With a gorgeous waterfront view along the river to architectural gems, Budapest might even be better than Paris! Throw in a trip to Budapest’s famous Szechenyi Baths and make it a seriously relaxing weekend.

Feel like staying closer to home? You could win yourself a Supercar driving experience, tickets to Lego Land for the kids or a car hire for two nights to explore someone in Britain.

There are so many great prizes on offer you’d be a chump not to enter! The prize draw closes at midnight on Thursday 31 July so be quick!!!

You can double your chances of winning by following and retweeting Avios on Twitter.



photo credit: Alex E. Proimos via photopin cc


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