Things You Only Know When All Your Friends Are In Australia

Things You Only Know When All Your Friends Are In Australia

There comes a time in every adult’s life where they wake up one morning and realise that all their mates have emigrated and they’re the only one left behind. Whether you’re about to start Uni and decided not to take a gap year, you’ve just finished your degree and decided to start work straight away or your mates have decided to raise their kids in sunnier climes, there will come one lonely evening when you’ll log on to Facebook and realise your feed is filled with sunshine, and none of it’s coming from your city. And that’s when you’ll find out that….

FOMO is real

In this situation, FOMO is an understatement. FOMO is a misnomer. FOMO is REAL! It’s not fear of missing out this time, you’re genuinely missing the fun. They’re out there in Oz, laughing away in their bikinis and swim-suits, surfing the spray, trekking through the outback and immersing themselves in Aborigine culture, while you’re, well…eating potato chips out a supersize bag in your tracksuit bottoms while setting your alarm for 6.30 tomorrow morning. It’s a sad life. Have another crisp.

Wildlife is just so much wilder over there

Remember that time you found a hedgehog in your garden, became paralysed with excitement and posted sixteen photos of you trying to get it to eat some cat food to Instagram? Or maybe you found a two-inch spider in the corner of your bedroom, covered it with a glass which you’re now too scared to pick up and couldn’t sleep for a fortnight? Meanwhile, your best mate is swimming with dolphins in Fortesque Bay, chilling with sea turtles along the Great Barrier Reef and getting his heels nipped by saltwater crocs along Adelaide River. Oh, and he’s already informed you in no uncertain terms that until you’ve casually scooped a 15cm huntsman out the window with your bare hands, you haven’t seen a spider. Takes a bit of the shine off that story about that time you saw AN ACTUAL LIVE BADGER IN THE WOODS, doesn’t it?

There’s so much more to do

It’s finally Saturday, and you’re thinking about a trip to the cinema. Or maybe a stroll through the park? Or a trip to your local shopping centre? Or maybe you’ll just curl up in front of Netflix – meanwhile, your treacherous mates are bungee jumping in Melbourne, skydiving in Sydney, rock climbing up Kangaroo Point and deep sea diving in the Great Barrier Reef. That, or they’re hitting up a beach party in Byron Bay, catching a rugby match at ANZ stadium or camping out at one of Australia’s many national parks. Sigh!

Everyone really does look better with a tan

There’s something different about your friends…they look happier and more relaxed, somehow. It’s not just the chilled out pace of Aussie life or all that nice fresh air they’re getting, either. They’re actually glowing. What the…is that a tan? In January? That’s it. I’m getting on a plane.

So why not hop on a flight from Japan and join them? Australia’s got so much to offer, you might never want to come home. Don’t let your friends have all the fun for themselves!

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