The Beauty and Wonder of Costa Rica

The Beauty and Wonder of Costa Rica

Up and coming holiday destinations are always the in fashion thing from year to year, however there are some destinations which continue to be a little under the radar, yet massively underrated at the same time; Costa Rica is perhaps one of them.

Costa Rica is a small country, although it packs a major punch in terms of eco travel, nature, and wildlife. If you’re looking for some stunning beaches, this is also the place to head. Bordered by Nicaragua and Panama, and also lapped by the crystal clear waters of the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, Costa Rica is a beauty lover’s dream.

Protected parks make up a huge 23.4% of the country, and it is said to have around 5% of the world’s entire biodiversity within it – when you consider that Costa Rica isn’t that big, you can understand just how much of it is packed with nature and wonder. Flora and fauna are hugely impressive, however the wildlife is just as jaw-dropping too; the jaguar is found here, as well as the margay, and the poison dart frogs – basically, any type of wildlife is colourful and interesting.

Another plus point is the fact that travelling from Pacific to Caribbean coastline is easy and short in distance, which makes this country great for those who like to move around. Of course, you could book a tour or you could head off on your own steam, but research and planning is always advisible. You can reach out to Travel Excellence Costa Rica for travel guides and more information.If you need to learn a little more, you won’t struggle to find guided tours, with many visits to national parks, including wildlife spotting and activities such as ziplining and forest trekking. Put simply, Costa Rica is an outdoor lover’s ideal destination, so a comfortable pair of walking shoes is a must!

It is important to pinpoint the best time to visit the country, as there is a wet and dry season to take into account. Summer, or the dry season, runs from December until April, and winter, or the wet season, runs from May to November. The Caribbean hurricane season can sometimes affect Costa Rica’s Caribbean coastline, however there will always be warning of when adverse weather conditions are due, so simply keep an eye on forecasts and always heed advice from locals.

Of course, where to visit just as important too.

The Central Valley is where the capital, San Jose, is located, as well as the huge and very popular Arenal Volcano, with may outdoor activities to enjoy. The Central Pacific area is probably one of the most visited regions, and this is where those amazing beaches are located, as well as many national parks. Guanacaste has amazing surfing conditions, as well as some huge volcanoes and forest parks, and South Pacific Costa Rica is where some of the most amazing biodiversity can be found, as well as castaway beaches without a soul on them.

The fact that Costa Rica is packed with national parks means you simply have to visit several, and this isn’t going to be difficult consider the size of the country. Monteverde and Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserves are as impressive as they sound, as well as Corcovado National Park and Cocos Island National Park, to name just a few.

Whilst Costa Rica might not be the first destination that springs to your mind when planning your next holiday, it’s certainly one that deserves to be up there championing for the top spot. Packed with history, culture, beauty, wildlife, and some seriously jaw-dropping landscapes, Costa Rica is one destination which will certainly blow your mind.

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