New Zealand: A Land of Surprises

New Zealand: A Land of Surprises

New Zealand has long been a paradise for those who are seeking landscapes that air on the dramatic. From hot springs, volcanoes, mountains, rugged coastline, rolling plains, to arctic tundra, New Zealand is packed with action and adventure, whilst also being a great place to chill the hell out.

You can choose between the North Island or the South Island, or you could decide to be a true adventurer and head across to both, but whichever you choose, or however you choose to travel, one thing is for sure – New Zealand will not leave you bored.

Road tripping is one of the most popular ways to see the country, and there are many companies on hand to offer you deals on rental, such as car rental nz, for instance. This is a great way to be able to appreciate the passing landscapes and how they change from area to area. Many tour companies will offer you set itineraries, to show you the best sights, or you can choose to head off on your own steam, if you prefer.

New Zealand has many hidden gems, and travelling by car is a great way to find these gems, without having to follow the set tourist route, and, of course, the crowds.

Two of those hidden gems are certainly totally natural, and what’s more, they’re free too.

Kerosene Creek is located in the Rotorua area, and despite the difficult in getting there, the journey is certainly worth it. From Rotorua City you can expect a half an hour’s drive, however arrival will show you total peace and serenity. This is a swimming area which is geothermal, and the hot water stream is reputed to have great health benefits, including easing aches and pains. The natural waterfall is pretty to see as you walk down the main swimming area, and there is a mountain walk not too far way, which will show you more of the natural wonder of the area.

Another choice you could head to is certainly dramatic, and that is Waipu Caves Track. Put on your comfortable walking shoes for this one, as you need to travel around 2km on foot to get to the main viewing area. The walk is certainly picturesque, so this is one for the camera! When you arrive at the caves themselves, you can head inside and check out the impressive stalagmites and stalactites, whilst looking for cheeky glowworms! Once you pass through Waipu Caves Scenic Reserve you will come across an area of open bushland, into private farmland, before arriving at the look-out point, which will show you amazing views across Whangarei Harbour and Bream Head. On a clear day you could even see as far as Hen and Chicken Islands.

You can take a picnic to both of these hidden gems, which cuts down on costs, although always remember to be respectful of the countryside and take your rubbish home with you.

These are just two of New Zealand’s hidden gems, and there are certainly countless more, far too many to speak about! Hiring a car is a fantastic way to discover these areas, which will truly show you the ‘other’ side of this beautiful country.

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