New York City Travel Tips on a Budget

New York City Travel Tips on a Budget

When I asked my colleague for her travel plans this summer, my eyes went round, she told me that she’s planning to visit New York, the first thing I said isn’t New York expensive? It’s a question that she says she has been asked many times and she sighed one word to answer, ‘not if you try a travel hack’, then my eyes go big googly, excited to know what her travel hack is.

1. Choose Estaform than Visa for short trips. 

Travel arrangements to the United States have become easier than before since most procedures are now processed online. With a simple form to fill-in online, pay only the $14.00 fee and you’re all set to get a U.S travel authorization, and you’re good to go. This may not be a replacement for your VISA but if you’re just visiting for vacation or business trips this would be your buddy, the validity is 2 years so long as your trip lasts only 90 days.

If you are in to get budget rates for airport tickets, always be on the lookout for a flash discount or you may try to do a chance passenger although this might be a hassle for first timers but they promise the lowest rates to those eligible.

2. (MTA) Transit pass, comfy shoes or go biking 

Since you’re a sightseer, It’s is very important to save up, target the ones on subway and buses as they would get you a much more affordable rate rather than getting taxis, but New York is great to be explored on foot. If you can balance a bike, then nothing beats an unlimited 3 day biking offered at most New York biking programs, most of them range from $24 – $30 and that can get you far in many locations and attractions.

3. Shared Airbnb saves a lot 

Hotels offer great deals but they are tricky to catch, if you’re in a hurry, shared Airbnb spaces are budget-friendly. Remember to choose those with complete facilities with accessible bathroom and kitchen. My friend got lucky when she found one contact currently residing in New York and they shared a loft type space which is a steal, so keep a habit to daily check those flash deals or keep updated with friends and who knows you might also hit a jackpot.

4. Take advantage of free admissions and events

Ah, such a treat to anyone for a free ferry ride, and who does not like that? Yes, the famous Staten Island Ferry is free admission to all, each ride takes about 25 minutes long can give you a classic view of the Statue of Liberty.

Make sure to also check out nearby museums that can offer free admission on your trip dates but if there isn’t one, New York City has the best parks to stroll in like the famous Central Park, Times out New York or Bryant Park.

Among other free admission are in Brooklyn Botanic Garden and museum. Check out the Pay what you wish deals on Brooklyn zoo every Wednesday.

5. Eat like a student 

Literally – when my friend had visited her roommate, she was surprised to see that most budget foods to target are near universities! If you are traveling, you may try to get adventurous with pizza or hot dog stands, these stands offer at least $ .99 cents or $1.00 for a pizza slice which is a good deal, other options are to try out Asian foods.

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