How to Make Your Home Safe & Secure When You Travel

How to Make Your Home Safe & Secure When You Travel

Of course you know the obvious ways to secure your home when you travel – double check all doors and windows are shut and locked, set lights to auto-timers, have a neighbor check your mailbox regularly. But, did you know that the garage door is one of the most vunerable points for break ins at home? Watch this video and see just how quick an intruder can gain access to your home via your garage:

A garage door opener allows you to open and shut the door with the click of a button. This may make life much more simple but is it making it more secure?

Almost all garage door openers lack the ability to provide security. If someone is willing to force their way into your home, the garage is one of the easier ways to do it.

And, here’s a scenario in case you’re thinking, “this would never happen to me!”

Let’s say a guy pulls into your driveway in his pickup truck. Their truck is now providing them shelter from anyone passing by. In the meantime, they are finding a way into your home directly from your garage.

Is there a possible solution to this? Yes.

Having a secure garage door opener comes with an array of security features. Let’s take a look at a few.


    Some systems will generate a new security code each time you open your garage. This way when someone with a hacking device cannot use generic codes to open your garage after you pull away.

    (Note, there are devices, called a code grabber device, that can lock onto your signal and copy your security code.)


    There are some secure garage door openers that come with camera equipment. This can be set up in the corner of your garage to provide 24/7 live feed to your smart phone.


    If you’re away from home, you can see all your garage door’s activity in the security log. If someone else has access to your garage through a smartphone, you will be able to know when that happened and by who.


    With a secure garage door opener, you will be able to receive notifications the instant your garage door has been opened. If it’s an unknown entry, you can take the right action to save your stuff from getting stolen.

Having your smartphone as your garage door opener has the potential to improve the security for your home. While it may not prevent brute force entry, it adds a layer of security that allows you to the leverage to leave your home without having to worry at all. Add security to your home when you travel by locking down your garage.


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