Heading to London?

Heading to London?

Here’s All You Need to Know About Getting Around the Capital

Visiting London is a busy, frenetic, and wonderful experience, and if you are planning on seeing as much as possible during a short space of time, you need to make full use of the London public transport network, otherwise you’re going to be walking very long distances, and wasting an awful lot of time!

Here’s your guide on how to get around the capital, in the most stress-free and easiest of ways!

Hire a Limo

You could really splurge on your time in London and be chauffeured by limo! If you are needing a lift from the airport to the city centre, or vice versa, or perhaps you just fancy the idea of being driven around in style, then hiring a limo is a great way to supplement your time in this sophisticated and glamourous capital city!

London Underground

This is the iconic London transport system, also known as The Tube. This is busy, it is frenetic, and it is fast-paced, but it is a true experience, whilst also being the best way to get around the capital, linking all the major sights quickly and easily. One word of advice – make sure you stay on the right hand side when travelling up and down the escalators!

The Tube runs from 5am to midnight, with less hours on a Sunday. You will need a pre-paid Oyster Card to be able to use the Tube, which gives you a cheaper fare per journey, and these are simply topped up at the station via a machine. In terms of how to get from A to B, there is a map at all stations, however if you want to cut down on time and possible confusion, check online ahead of time concerning which line you need to take, and how many stops or possible changes you need to make.

Black Cabs

General taxis or London black cabs are expensive, but they are a good way to take a short journey quickly. They are going to be on a metre, so you’re not going to be able to discuss a price before you get in, and you need to keep your fingers crossed regarding traffic, but on the whole, a taxi is a good way to travel if you are sharing with others and splitting the cost.

Public Buses

The iconic red buses are everywhere in London and whilst they look a little more modern than they used to, the vibe is the same. You need to use your Oyster Card or a form of contactless payment by card when using a bus, as cash is no longer accepted. Again, check online about timetables and stops, as this will cut down on time, as well as stress!

Getting around London isn’t difficult, but when you are in the midst of a busy capital city, it can seem like a stressful task! The key is to check out your options before you go and arm yourself with the knowledge of how you’re going to get from A to B. If you’re using the Tube, remember that this is going to be particularly busy during mornings and late afternoon, as this is when everyone finishes work, and perhaps avoid those times.

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