Four of the Best Spots in Australia to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

Four of the Best Spots in Australia to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

Auld Lang Syne! 

Regardless of what you class as the biggest night of the year, you have to rate New Year’s Eve as up there with the best of them. Whether you like it or not, and there are plenty of people out there who aren’t the biggest NYE fans, it’s undeniable that many pull all the stops out to make the evening of 31 December, leading into the first day of the year, memorable to say the least.

The balmy Australian summer plays host to this particular evening on the calendar, which is a major advantage – BBQs, parties, beach walks, you name it, it’s possible, and a hell of a lot warmer in Australia!

If you’re looking for something more organised and popular then below you’ll find four fantastic suggestions of ways to spend your New Year’s Eve. You will no doubt be surrounded by other like-minded revellers, and you will have to either book your ticket in good time, or arrive very early indeed to get the best spot of the night.

Sydney Harbour Bridge fireworks

We can’t not mention this, as this particular event is probably the most legendary and certainly the most iconic when you think of New Year. Regardless of where you are in the world, this particular set of fireworks is one of the first to be beamed around the globe, into everyone’s living rooms. The fireworks take place over the harbour bridge, and there are plenty of vantage points that don’t require a ticket or any money crossing hands, although you will have to get there seriously early! Finding somewhere to stay in Sydney during New Year could be a problem, but there are some good prices on offer if you look hard enough. Search Checkin for some of the best deals.

Crown Casino, Perth

If you prefer to get yourself well and truly glammed up and enjoying an evening of sophistication, then Crown Casino in Perth is the place to go. You will have to pay for a ticket, so you need to give this plenty of thought way before the big day, but this is certainly an evening to remember. In the past the casino has had a themed night on New Year’s Eve, such as the Rio Carnival, with samba dancers, fire-eaters etc, and gourmet food to line your stomach before plenty of vino to pass the evening in suitably glittering style.

Melbourne fireworks, Yarra Park

As an alternative to the Sydney Harbour Bridge fireworks, Yarra Park in Melbourne plays host to an equally spectacular and fun event, with fun for all the family. You can even head out on a party boat and dance the night away, getting even closer to the fireworks on the stroke of midnight. Food and drink is provided, and music and amusements too.

Falls Festival, various locations

The Falls Festival is legendary, and runs from the end of December into the beginning of January. This is a bright and colourful music and arts festival, and the big night itself is hugely popular, with a big name line up of bands to keep your foot tapping. Tickets sell out extremely fast, so you need to be organised with this one. You have three locations to choose from – Lorne in Victoria, Marion Bay in Tasmania, or Byron in New South Wales.

These are just four of the best ways to spend New Year’s Eve in Australia, however no matter what town or city you visit, you will find plentiful options of where to spend the big night.

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