Five of the Best Airport Travel Tips

Five of the Best Airport Travel Tips

1)    Be prepared for delays

Delays when flying are frequent and sometimes inevitable. As such, you should make sure that you are adequately prepared. This includes having a change of clothes in your hand luggage (I had an 18 hour delay once and was so grateful for an extra outfit!), and sufficient snacks. It also includes having some top notch entertainment to keep you occupied while waiting. Join Royal Vegas and play free slot machines; this is honestly the best form of entertainment you will come across, and with such a variety of slot machines to play, you will not risk getting bored while you wait for you flight to board. Whether you are a sports fan, or movies fundi –Royal Vegas has themed slot machine games that you will love. And the best part is that you may find yourself striking it lucky and winning some money that will make your travels even more enjoyable!

2)    Bring an empty water bottle

Of course we are all aware of the no liquids over 1000ml past security rule. Bottle water sold at airport kiosks, in my experience are grossly overpriced and often not available in bottles bigger than 250ml. For someone who gets easily dehydrated, like me, this can become a very expensive endeavor! My solution is to bring an empty reusable, PBA free, water bottle with me. So long as the bottle is empty, there will be no issues when going through your security check. Once on the other side, you can find a water fountain and fill it up!

3)    Be friendly

I cannot stress the importance of this enough. Of course you should be friendly and kind in all of your interactions; but anxiety can often run high at an airport and you may find yourself losing your temper. While waiting to board a flight recently, a man was approached by an airline worker, telling him that his hand luggage was excessive. He started screaming and ranting at this woman and the situation did not end particularly well for him. I suspect if he has been friendly and respectful, they may have granted him some leniency. From personal experience, being friendly to staff has gotten me leniency in overweight bags, quick help from the woman who checked in my bags when I had passport issues trying to exit immigration, and even an upgrade to first class once! Obviously, you should not be overly friendly in the sole hope of gaining something for yourself; but treating others with courtesy and respect can go a long way when you may need help from staff at a later stage.

4)    Think carefully about your hand luggage

My worst part of airport bureaucracy is the whole ‘take out your laptop and tablet’ situation for the security check. Inevitably, you land up scrambling for your devices that are often not easily accessible and then have to pack them away again, all with a line of people behind you. For this reason, if you are travelling with a laptop or tablet, consider the type of bag you take as your hand luggage –it needs to be a bag that allows you to easily access your devices and then restore them, without having to repack the entire back itself.

5)    Research the airport beforehand

Each airport is different, and for that reason you may find yourself caught in some sticky situations once you have gone through security. It is therefore best to do a quick research of the airport before you arrive. If you have specific dietary requirements; make sure there are restaurants that can cater for your needs beforehand. If you are going to need to exchange a major currency for a non-major currency after your security check; you may struggle to find an exchange kiosk that can help you (exchange kiosks in the main airport terminals, before security, often have more of a variety of currencies. Some airports have some cool features like movie theaters and ice-rinks; so a quick spot of research beforehand could make you aware of these features.

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