Explore Sri Lanka on Two Wheels!

Explore Sri Lanka on Two Wheels!


Have you ever been on a road trip? If you have, you will understand the overwhelming feeling of freedom. Whether you’re talking about an epic trip which takes you months to complete, or you’re talking about a few days driving around an area you’ve ever explored before, heading off onto the open road, either with a motorhome or a car, is one of the most intoxicating ways to really experience a region.

Not everyone wants to drive a car or a motorhome however, and some people prefer to really have the wind whipping around their hair – enter the motorcycle!

Motorcycle tours are one of the most epic ways to explore a region, and when you can do it all on the back of a vintage motorcycle, you have the added bonus of the novelty factor!

You can explore many different regions on the back of a vintage motorcycle, but Vintage Tours have designed itineraries around some of the most intoxicating destinations on the planet. How about one of the motorcycle tours in Sri Lanka for starters? Check out the jungle landscapes, the beaches, the villages, the cities, the towns – basically you get to explore the culture and the real heart of the country, without venturing too far into or out of tourism safety nets.

You can choose an individual tour, or you can opt for a group one, but whichever tour basis you go for, you are safe in the knowledge that the itinerary is designed to show you the highlights, in the easiest and most exciting of ways. When you try and design your own itinerary, it’s hard to really know what is worth seeing and what isn’t, as well as the best way to get around, without missing something you wished you’d take the time to check out. The major perk of this type of tour is therefore that you don’t have to give much thought to any of that, because it’s all done for you!

Sri Lanka is one of the most popular countries to choose on these types of tour, but there are a few others available too, including the wonder of India. It’s basically about what calls out to you, but whichever tour and destination you opt for, there’s no denying that the wind in your hair something to really give you a vacation to remember, for all the right reasons – freedom with a capital F!

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