A Happy, Healthy Holiday

A Happy, Healthy Holiday

Whether you’re heading off on a winter or summer holiday, your travels should always be safe and healthy, so you’re in with the best of shots in terms of having wonderful memories to bring home. Of course life is life, and that means occasionally there will be problems you need to deal with, but if you’re well prepared ahead of time, there shouldn’t be a major drama to handle.

Sun, excess alcohol, unknown surroundings, these can all make the risk of an injury or illness a little more likely, however managing risk is made easier when you put into place safety measures to catch you if you do actually fall, metaphorically and literally!

Of course, you will know that you should never travel without adequate travel insurance, both for your health and your holiday cover, and that you should always declare any pre-existing medical conditions, to ensure that you don’t get any nasty cost shocks when you arrive at the hospital A&E department in your destination of choice. To cover you further in terms of your health however, always carry your EHIC.

If you have no idea what a EHIC is, it’s time to get savvy and get your card ordered.

The European Health Insurance Card (or EHIC) is available for citizens of certain countries travelling to other countries within the European Economic Area and Switzerland. This entitles holders to access state-run healthcare in the event of an accident or health issue, to the same level you would receive back in your own country, without worrying about the cost. Private healthcare is obviously not covered, however pre-existing medical conditions and routine antenatal care is generally, provided you can prove you didn’t travel with the sole intention of accessing this care.

The EHIC replaced the old E111, which was a piece of paper you obtained for the same purpose, however the EHIC lasts for much longer and is easier to obtain via the internet. Delivery times are fast, and you need to order a card for every single member of your family, children included. When your card runs out, renewing your EHIC card is simple, by heading online again and re-ordering. Easy!

It’s worth reiterating that travel insurance is still needed when you have an EHIC, because traditional travel insurance covers you for other things which the EHIC doesn’t, e.g. cancellation, loss of baggage and other health related issues which are a bit more in-depth. The EHIC gives you another safety net, and one which is much simpler to use when you need to access treatment.

So, what are you waiting for? Head online and get your card ordered, wait for it to arrive, arrange your travel insurance, and pack it all into your hand luggage.

Happy, healthy holidays!

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