5 Places You Need to Eat on Your Las Vegas Adventure

5 Places You Need to Eat on Your Las Vegas Adventure

When you think of Vegas, the first thing you think of might be gambling and entertainment, but food is right up there with those activities. When you hit the strip, you will notice famous names on restaurants and fancy shows taking place.

Besides for the fame in the name, there are many other great places to eat. Whether this is your first time to visit Las Vegas or if it is your regular retreat, it is unlikely you’ve hit all of the hot spots.

If you feel like you’ve run out of options, here are some of the great places you can visit to ensure you experience culinary delight during your adventure.

1) Bottiglia

If you are looking for a delicious Henderson Italian restaurantto get a good meal, Bottiglia is the place. Whether you are a fan of appetizer, entrees or desert, you will not be disappointed when you visit Bottiglia. No matter what day or time you visit, you are going to find special offers and promo available. Not only is the food tasty but the environment is beautiful and allows for a relaxing dining experience.

Bring your family and friends for a nice experience at Bottiglia. No matter how large your group is, contact Bottiglia to see if they can accommodate your party on the date that you need booked.

Every night is special at Bottiglia. You’ll love the $1 oyster nights, Monday through Friday happy hours, or the night when you get can half priced bottles of wine. There are plenty of options available for desert no matter when you decide to visit Bottiglia.

Prepare for tantalizing Italian taste when you visit.

2) Carson Kitchen

Carson Kitchen is easy to find on the corner of Carson and 6th. If that location sounds familiar, you’re on right on the money. Carson Kitchen is inside the repurposed space of the John E. Carson hotel. The space has been renovated to bring various atmospheres to its visitors. Whether an open kitchen expo counter, a community table, a swanky bar or the outdoor rooftop patio and bar is your scene, you’re sure to enjoy the food at Carson Kitchen.

Dining casual with burgers, social plates and your favorite drinks is Carson Kitchen.

3) Rollin’ Smoke Barbeque

Southern Style is what you’ll find at Rollin’ Smoke Barbeque. Are you looking for meat that falls right off the bone? You’re in the right place. Leave the fancy clothes at home. You don’t need to dress up to come to this down to earth watering hole.

Those of you that are looking for a small meal should look elsewhere. The restaurant galleryshows the generous portions that are heaped upon patrons when they visit. You may want to share with a friend or get ready for a to go box.

4) Sweets Raku

Do you have a sweet tooth? If you need to feed your sweet tooth, it might just be time for a visit to Sweets Raku. Not only do you get to enjoy the sweet treats at this delightful taste factory, but you get to see the pastriesbeing made.

Part of the enjoyment when you go to a restaurant is seeing your food being prepared. This is definitely the case at Sweets Raku.

5) Tacos El Gordo

With experience in the food service industry since opening in 1972, the family that owns and operates Taco El Gordo prides themselves in making the most delicious Mexican tacos.

You’ll find Tijuana tacos featuring corn tortillas and fresh ingredients. The tacos are offered in generous servings and may need to be eaten with a fork. Don’t forget to check out the other extras that are available when you go to visit.

Enjoying Delicious Food in Las Vegas

Visiting Las Vegas can be a sensory overload, that is true. Having a plan of where you are going to go for entertainment and eating will make it easier for you to decide once you arrive.

There are different neighborhoods in Las Vegas that can be considerably far apart. Before you schedule a day out, you can block your sightseeing and eating so that you see things and go to restaurants on the same side of town.

Have Your Next Event in Las Vegas

When you are planning adventures, Las Vegas should be on the top of your list. The reason you want to look into Las Vegas when you are planning isn’t only because of all the delicious places there are to eat.

You can get a large number of people together in Las Vegas with the over 150,000 roomsavailable. Hotels are more than happy to offer group discounts to win your group’s business. You can even have a convention in Las Vegas easily with all of the facilities that are in places.

If you want to increase your attendance, have your event in Las Vegas. Your attendees will be drawn to see the sights and eat the delicious food. Conventions in Las Vegas have 8% more attendee than when they are held in other locations.

Preparing for Your Culinary Delight

Whether you are looking for one of the famous chef’s restaurants or you want to try one of the delicious restaurants from above, Las Vegas is sure to delight you and your companions. Book your trip to Las Vegas and get ready to enjoy these culinary delights.

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