3 Reasons to Use Serviced Apartment Providers in Newcastle and Beyond

3 Reasons to Use Serviced Apartment Providers in Newcastle and Beyond

The United Kingdom attracts huge numbers of tourists from America and across the world, and it’s a country that everyone should see at least once. Sometimes, it can pay rich dividends to step off of the tourist trail and head a little further afield than the popular choices such as London, Bath and York. Newcastle Upon Tyne, in the north east of England, is a perfect example of this, with its rich sporting and artistic heritage and its beautiful architecture and shops, and one of the smartest ways to stay there is to utilize a serviced apartment provider; here are just three reasons why.

Great Value Serviced Apartments in a Friendly City Centre

Newcastle has a character all of its very own, but it’s known across the United Kingdom for its friendly nature and the warm welcome it extends to visitors. That’s why people come from far and wide to visit the city, especially at weekends when its exciting night life comes to the fore, and  many of these visitors, whether from Britain or overseas, choose to take advantage of the superior quality fully serviced apartments from Dream Apartments Newcastle. They come in a variety of sizes and are a perfect place from which to explore all Newcastle has to offer, including its vibrant city centre full of shops, clubs and bars. They can be much more affordable than you think as well, and allow you a taste of luxury in this unique travel destination.

Perfect Accommodation in Newcastle’s Most Vibrant Locations

Newcastle is a city of exciting contrasts, with historic buildings sitting side by side with ultra-stylish and ultra-modern architecture, and the good news is that it has serviced apartments in some of the city’s most vibrant locations, including Grainger Street in the famous Bigg Market area full of clubs and restaurants, and the Quayside area near the iconic Tyne Bridge. One advantage of using serviced apartment providers in these areas is that you won’t have to spend precious time tidying your room or finishing the housework, which means that you’ll have more time to actually enjoy your vacation.

Catering Flexibility

When you stay in a hotel, it can be tempting to spend night after night in the hotel’s restaurant, but that can result in you having to wait to be seated and served and having to select from a small choice of meals. When you use serviced apartment providers, you’ll be able to eat when you want and where you want. That could mean eating at one of Newcastle’s many fine restaurants, or it could mean taking advantage of the self-catering facilities within your apartment. With fully integrated kitchens that are fitted with the very latest technology, you can continue to cook and enjoy the food you love from back home.

Value for money, convenient locations and self-catering facilities are just three of the benefits you can enjoy when you use serviced apartment providers in Newcastle and beyond, so they’re always a smart option for travellers, whatever their destination. With daily housekeeping, private balconies and luxurious bedrooms, they allow you to experience the high life and relax in style.

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