The Cultural Highlights of Melbourne

The Cultural Highlights of Melbourne

When visiting any city in the world, it’s all too easy to get pulled into the modern way of life, with shopping, night-life, restaurants and bars all vying for your attention. Despite that, most cities have plenty of areas of significance, and not visiting some of them should be classed as a crime!

When visiting the Australian city of Melbourne, you’re actually spoilt for choice when it comes to cultural highlights, as there are more than you will ever have time to see during one visit. Of course you have to prioritise your time and choose the ones you want to check out more than the others, so be sure to do your research before you go.

Making sure you base yourself hotel-wise in an area that is close to what you want to see, i.e. central, is key to making sure you don’t exhaust yourself during your visit. Sleep and Go have some great deals on affordable accommodation within the city, so have a look and see what you can find.

As far as the cultural highlights of this huge city are concerned, here are a few you might like to consider. 

Federation Square – Fed Square, as it is affectionately referred to, is probably the hub of city life in Melbourne, and its 460,000 cobblestones play host to events, shopping, restaurants, and plentiful people watching opportunities! This is daily Melbourne life at its best.

Royal Exhibition Building – Originally built for 1880’s International Exhibition, the UNESCO World Heritage Royal Exhibition Building is a must visit This was also the first building to fly the flag of Australia and the first parliament was held there too, way back in 1901.

Shrine of Remembrance – A sombre tribute to all Australians who served in war, this is one of the largest war memorials in the whole country, and one that should be visited for that reason alone. There are tours available, which will teach you more about what you’re seeing, and fill you with a sense of respect.

Melbourne Cricket Ground – Sport is a huge part of Australian culture as a whole, and the Melbourne Cricket Ground is one of the most important grounds in the country, seating a tad over 100,000 spectators. The MCG hosts a range of sporting and entertainment events from Aussie Rules Football and Cricket to live concerts and music festivals. In January 2015 the MCG will host the ICC Cricket World Cup. Tickets are already available on the cheap from companies such as Queen Of Tickets. Experiencing the colour, atmosphere and excitement at a packed out MCG is an occasion you won’t forget. If you can’t make it to an event at the ground, tours are available at the National Sports Museum on non-match days.

Melbourne is full of countless other areas of cultural interest, and these are just a small selection that you should certainly add to your visit list when you spend a few days here, a few select highlights. The rest is up to you, but one thing’s for sure, remember your camera!

Photo Credit: Diamond Hoo Ha Man via photopin cc

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