Know your rights! Tourist Status in Australia

Know your rights! Tourist Status in Australia

Most tourists are much more interested in sightseeing and relaxation than they are in their rights. However, along with international travel, legal concerns factor into your overall experience. As a visitor in Australia, you might find yourself in situations where it is necessary to know your legal rights. It helps to understand your tourist status, as well as the roles of the police and government institutions. The following are some major tourist status considerations to keep in mind while in Australia.

Law Enforcement in Australia

Australian law enforcement falls under State, Territory and Federal categories, and the police, special agencies, bailiffs and sheriffs help to enforce and regulate various matters. While special agencies handle ‘white collar’ laws, the police usually handle criminal problems. State and territory sheriffs and bailiffs generally handle civil enforcement. Moreover, Australia has State and Australian Federal Police (AFP) forces. Oftentimes, these two levels work in coordination with one another, and they may hand over cases depending on the circumstances. Reputable local agencies, such as Legal Vision, can help clarify your rights as a non-citizen if you find yourself involved in a legal matter while abroad.

Visa Compliance

If you are not a citizen of Australia, you will be required to hold a valid visa while entering and staying in the country. The visa system helps to protect the country and its citizens by assuring that non-citizens meet the immigration laws within Australia. Most travelers who enter Australia are in compliance with the visa regulations. However, those who do not meet these stringent requirements may face a variety of actions including legal enforcement, litigation and penalties.

Working in Australia

If you are planning to work in Australia during your visit, you may qualify for a special visa that would allow you to work and live in Australia during your stay, for up to 12 months. Other requirements for this Working Holiday Maker Australian program include being of an age between eighteen and thirty and holding a passport assigned by one of the participating countries. This program is a cultural exchange incentive that allows young adults the opportunity to live and work in Australia, for up to a year. If you qualify, you are free to travel and return to Australia as many times as you like, as long as the visa remains valid. Under certain circumstances, this visa may be extended for an additional year.

It is important to note that Australia has strict regulations for non-citizens who seek employment. Severe penalties can apply to individuals who break these laws. Make sure that you hold the necessary visa and that it applies to your specific situation.

It is important to understand your rights as a visitor in Australia. Your tourist status is based on many factors; therefore, it helps to understand the specifics of Australian law before entering the country. In this way, you can make certain that your stay will be as pleasant and relaxing as possible.

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