Five Great Drives in Australia

Five Great Drives in Australia

In a country where sometimes you can find nothing but highway and kangaroos for 500km, renting a car is a must. DriveNow car hire Sydney can get you started and set you on your way to exploring New South Wales, the ACT and beyond. When first colonial ships hit the ground of Australia, little they knew that in a few centuries people will actually be able to move here by land rather than circling around on boats.

Prepare yourself for an exciting road trip and explore New South Wales along its endless ocean drives and mountain highways. You may not be a fan of ‘Home and Away’, but Australia has more to offer than just a few scenic drives – the changing landscape and curvy terrain with leave you breathless, while local hospitality and food will make you gain a few kilos to remember.

1) Kosciuszko Alpine Way

Running from Canberra to Sydney, this 3-day drive deserves its title of the Australian National Heritage way. Kosciuszko Alpine Way passes through Cabramurra – Australia’s highest permanently inhabited town, and opens the view over Mount Kosciuszko, the highest mountain on Australian continent, as well as green valleys and hydroelectric power stations hidden in the mountain gorges. This area is full of wild horses and different bird species. As you pass through the fascinating Thredbo valley, make sure to stop over at Wild Brumby Schnapps Distillery to sample the locally produced drinks.

2) Darling River Run

From Walgett to Wentworth, as inland as it gets in New South Wales, you will follow the Darling River, hopping between its quiet sleepy riverside towns, once important ports of industrial shipping along the river. Making frequent stops and short off-highway drives along the way will allow you to explore the small towns and rich wildlife along the river, experience parts of the surviving aboriginal culture and embark on an adventure on a traditional boat. Mungo National Park presents you with a totally different kind of landscape, with its barren sand dunes and archeological sites, while Menindee Lakes are the only two spots of blue fresh water among the red soil and dust of this region of New South Wales. The Back O’Bourke Exhibition Centre on the Darling River has art installations and various workshops exploring the history of the region and its inhabitants.

3) Poachers Way

Travel around Canberra wine district and sample home-made food at the famous Poachers Pantry: meat and vegetables here come in many forms – smoked, marinated, pickled, accompanied by bread and fresh farm cheese.

4) The Legendary Pacific Coast

Nothing compares with a drive along the ocean highway. The Pacific Coast drive takes you all the way from Sydney to the yellow beaches of Tweed Heads and further on to Brisbane. Constructed only in the second decade of the 20th century, it now can be called the busiest highway in the country. The fact that its biggest attraction is The Big Banana amusement park actually tells a lot about the region! As you reach Byron Bay and its stunning white lighthouse built back in 1901, note that you now at the most Easterly point of the continent.

5) Fossickers way

Stretched for over 375 km from Sydney to Brisbane, this highway travels through the mineral and metal-rich areas of the country, once flooded with European gold-diggers. To commemorate the gold rush history, local communities host an annual treasure hunt along the towns of Fossickers way. The city of Tamworth is also a famous hub of country music, hosting the annual Tamworth Country Music festival.

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