Exploration Perth

Exploration Perth


When exploring Australia, it’s important not to overlook some of the lesser known, or perhaps overshadowed locations. Whilst everyone looks towards huge cities such as Sydney, Brisbane, or Melbourne, there are many other cities which don’t get a fair look in. One of them is certainly Perth.

The capital of Western Australia is surrounded by some of the most breath-taking natural scenery you will see anywhere in the country, including some of the world’s most idyllic beaches. Lapped by the waters of the glittering Indian Ocean, Perth is the ideal place to combine city and beach time in one holiday.

Of course, there are many accommodation Perth options on offer, and that gives you a range of budgets and requirements available.

A very laid-back, chilled-out, and safe city, Perth is separated into various zones, with the majority of the city life and tourism side of things dedicated to the CBD area. Here you will find restaurants, bars, nightlife, and shopping opportunities, as well as a well-developed public transport system to get you around the city.

Perth is situated on the coast, and a short drive way from the city centre takes you to quiet and uncrowded beaches, however some of the best are certainly a short boat ride away on Rottnest Island. Swimming is possible during the summer months, as well as diving and snorkelling for those who want to check out the underwater residents of the Indian Ocean and Australian coastline. You can possibly spot dolphins here too, as well as land-based animals, such as kangaroos.

The other parts of the city are certainly worth an exploration, including Fremantle, where you will find a range of entertainment options available, the Coast, and the North and South Suburbs, where most residents live, as well as being home to an aquarium and large zoo respectively. The zoo is home to around 150 different species of animal, including elephants, so if you are travelling as a family, this is a definite must visit. Alternatively, Adventure World, a large theme park, is around 20 minutes’ drive away from the city centre.

Those who want to enjoy the more natural side of the area should head out into The Hills. As the name suggests, this hilly area is home to some beautiful landscapes, as well as rivers and hiking trails. This is also home to a wine tasting area, named Swan Valley, so if you have a taste for vino, certainly take a short drive out of the city to enjoy this tasty and beautiful area.

Perth is a year around city, but the best time is during the spring and autumn, when temperatures are mild and rainfall is low – this is between September to November, and March to May.

Put simply, Perth should not be overlooked by larger and more well known cities, and a visit will certainly show you the perfect blend of city life and nature.

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