What are you waiting for? Visit Cuba Now!

What are you waiting for? Visit Cuba Now!

Welcome to the Caribbean!

Cuba is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world, both for honeymoons and general sunshine breaks. It’s no surprise when you consider the amazing sights you will see, the beautiful weather, the friendly locals, and the all inclusive vibe about the island.

Put simply, this is holiday heaven.

A fantastic and different twist to put on a visit to this colourful island is to go down the road of looking at twin centre Cuba holidays.

You might wonder why you would want to see more than one place, when all you’re considering doing is lying on a beach, but that is where you’re missing out. Cuba is stunning naturally, but also culturally, and the chance to see many different sights during the space of one holiday is something you shouldn’t miss out on.

Take Havana for example, if you’re staying for two weeks in the all inclusive Mecca of Varadero, then surely you can spare a few days for a visit to the vibrant and colourful capital city? Come on, think classic cars, rum, cigars, and a truly swinging atmosphere!

There are many bespoke tours on offer, put together specifically to your needs, and you will spend a few nights in various locations, depending on where you fancy going.

For example, a popular trip is around Western Cuba, with three nights in bustling Havana, two nights in Vinales, and four nights in stunning Cayo Levisa. Or failing that, how about doing a self drive adventure? This is all totally organised for you of course, but you have the freedom of the open road. Fancy the water? Well you can do a catamaran tour instead, with around two nights in Havana, and seven nights on a catamaran, visiting various spots, including a couple of nights in Trinidad.

The options are truly endless.

Like we mentioned before, Varadero is where most people head for a conventional beach break, and this is where you’ll find plentiful all inclusive accommodation, ranging from huge holiday village-type hotels, to smaller bases. It all depends on your budget and your needs, but the larger hotels offer everything you could ever need.

Water-sports, culture, history, nature, shopping, music, nightlife, delicious food, and a true Caribbean vibe, Cuba is one of those places that captures the cliché of ‘something for everyone’ perfectly, and if nothing else, you will come back with a seriously killer tan!

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