Things to do on a Trip to Las Vegas

Things to do on a Trip to Las Vegas

The dazzling desert city of Las Vegas is designed for fun and visitors to will find it easy to fill every hour of the day and night with non-stop entertainment. If you want a change from the casinos and shows, here are a few of the other top attractions in Vegas.


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Battlefield Vegas

Unleash your inner Rambo at Battlefield Vegas; probably the most macho place in the world. A free Humvee pick-up will collect you from your hotel and take you to a desert battlefield, where you can choose from over 350 weapons, including fully automatic machine guns, AK-47s and grenade launchers. There are twenty different themed mission packages to take part in, from black ops gaming to Blitzkrieg recreation.


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Madame Tussauds Las Vegas

This world-famous Madame Tussauds wax museum has something for everyone, with two floors of lifelike celebrities from film, TV, sports and music. Make your friends do a double-take when you send them photos of you shooting hoops with Shaquille O’Neal, hitting a lob to Andre Agassi or teeing off with Tiger Woods. Music fans can take to the stage with all their favourite stars, from Rihanna to Snoop Dogg, and Simon Cowell will look on disapprovingly as you grind with Beyoncé or twerk with Miley Cyrus. You can even be a guest on Jerry Springer’s show or cosy up to Sofia Vergara. Fantasy celebrities are not left out, with a 4-D multi-sensory experience featuring Marvel’s fabulous Avengers. Madame Tussauds is located at The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino, right in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip.


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Stratosphere Tower

Don’t try this one if you have a fear of heights – the rides on top of this 113-storey skyscraper take place 1,149 feet above the streets of Las Vegas. Enjoy the dizzying views at this sky-high observation tower, which is the tallest in the USA. Sky Jump Las Vegas is the tallest controlled free fall in the world, letting anyone with nerves of steel jump from the 108th floor, and adrenaline junkies will also love Insanity, X-Scream and the iconic Big Shot, which catapults you over the Las Vegas skyline at 45 miles per hour.


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Dig This

If you thought that your days of playing with toy excavators and bulldozers were over once you left kindergarten, you can relive that childhood fun in a giant sandpit filled with real-life machines. You’ll get full instruction and safety training at Dig This, before being let loose on a massive Caterpillar mega machine to dig giant holes, push around dirt and generally have an awesome time. You get two hours of manoeuvring, digging and building on over five acres of land, with skill tests, competitions and a certificate at the end.

Wet n Wild

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Wet ‘n’ Wild

Escape the desert heat at one of Las Vegas’ most spectacular waterparks – Wet ‘n’ Wild. Thrill lovers will head straight for the new Tornado! Ride, which catapults you 36 feet in the air before spinning around a tunnel in a four-person tube, or jump on the 360 foot high Rattler which shakes riders back and forth. The park is full of rides, from gentle to intense, and includes landscaped shading to protect you from the fierce Nevada sun. You can purchase Xpress bands to give you a shorter waiting time for rides when the waterpark is busy.

Gun battles, famous celebrities, dizzying heights, giant machines or water rides – whatever your idea of a good time is, you are sure to find a place to enjoy it in Las Vegas!

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