Summer in Las Vegas – Hot, hot, hot!

Summer in Las Vegas – Hot, hot, hot!

We all know about Las Vegas, what with the gambling, shows, shopping, world-class food, and general drunken antics, but what you might not be aware of is the option of two centre Las Vegas holidays, giving you the best of several worlds all at once.

Of course, Vegas is of course a man-made city in the middle of a desert, which means heat, and heat means sweat, stress, and tiredness. How can you cope with this when you’re trying to make the most of your time away?

Firstly, drink plenty, and by that I am talking water, not alcohol. You’re on holiday, have a couple, but remember that alcohol will simply dehydrate you further. Wear sun-screen, wear a hat, and remember that air conditioning is your best friend.

If you get bored of gambling and walking up and down the Strip, then a two centre break could be just the ticket. If you think about it, you’re within the perfect reach of several other destinations, offering a different perspective on the neon-lit fun Mecca that is Vegas.

Many different companies will put together a bespoke holiday to suit your needs, and you simply have to say where you fancy going. How about Vegas, Memphis and New Orleans all within the space of one break? Or maybe Vegas and New York, giving you two major city big-hitters? Failing that, have some fun time in Vegas, before heading to a spot of beach heaven in Cancun?

The options are endless.

The important thing to remember for your stint in Vegas is comfort. Whilst you might like the idea of the glitz and glamour, you will find the walking up and down the Strip will kill you after a couple of days if you try and do it in heels or uncomfortable shoes. You might think you can see where you’re going, it might not look too far, but when you try and walk it, you’ll find it’s almost like a real-life mirage, and never seems to get any closer!

As for money, Vegas will drain you if you let it, so it’s important to budget wherever possible. Try and stick to a set amount per day if you’re wanting to gamble, and try not to get too carried away. Shows can be expensive, but if you try and get last minute tickets from the Box Office, you might find you save; never buy tickets from the touts on the streets however, as you will more than likely get a nasty surprise.

The hotels are entertainment attractions in themselves, and choosing the right one may be a stumbling block, but try and be central along the Strip, to give you the best chance of seeing all that Vegas has to offer.

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