Orlando Magic!

Orlando Magic!

When it comes to family fun, and fun in general, there are few places on earth that can rival Orlando. Busy, huge, and downright exhausting if you rush around all the attractions, but how can you make Orlando easier on the energy levels?

Well, stock-piling sleep before you jet off will go a long way to beating not only jet-lag to a degree, but also making sure you start on an even keel, and not playing catch up from the jet-go. A good way to do this is by booking an airport hotel the night before you fly. I recently stayed at one of the hotels at Heathrow Airport, and I found I had a better night’s sleep knowing I was practically where I needed to be already, without having to worry about getting to the airport on time. The service was also low cost, so that increased the attractiveness! You’ll find airport hotels nationwide, so this is a service to suit everyone.

Of course, flying to Orlando means long-haul, so making sure you’re well rested before you board the plane will help, however lowering your stress levels is also about peace of mind. Check your airport information prior to your holiday, usually in the days leading up to it, to find out about your terminal, what there is to do there, any delays and expected weather etc. I did this recently, checking Heathrow Airport departures before I flew, and I was reassured and armed with information because of it. I’d certainly recommend it.

Flying to America in general requires a visa, and in the case of UK citizens this is in the form of an ESTA, which is obtained online before you travel. Ensure you use the official website to avoid fakes and over-charges, and even though it does say you don’t necessarily need a print out of the confirmation page, I would recommend taking one anyway. You probably won’t need to show it, as your ESTA is electronically attached to your passport, but having a paper copy gives you one less thing to worry about.

The key to enjoying a holiday to Orlando without dropping with exhaustion half way through is pre-planning. If you’re wanting to do the theme parks, as most people do, then you need to do a rough itinerary. I’m not suggesting you pre-plan every day of your holiday, but some parks have different opening times and attractions, such as fireworks, on different days, and you don’t want to miss out because you weren’t prepared. Plan a rough idea of where you’re thinking of going, on which day, and do it in pencil so you can swap things around as you please. This way, you won’t forget anything.

Make sure you make time to eat! When you’re in awe at the sights you’ll be seeing, you might forget all about nourishment and hydration, but you won’t make it through the first week without being ill if you don’t make sure you eat, drink and sleep adequately. This isn’t a holiday to blag your way through, this is an amazing time that you’ll want to remember every second of, and you owe it to your health to see it through in the best possible shape!

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