More than a Sprinkling of Magic

More than a Sprinkling of Magic

Family holidays are the stuff that childhood memories are made of. Whether you choose to head to a beach destination for splashing in the sun, or you choose to go somewhere a little different, there are certain places in the world which are synonymous with family fun; one of those destinations is without a doubt Orlando, and more specifically, Disney World. 

Can you imagine the smile and look of wonder on your little ones’ faces when they see that famous castle for the first time, or when they set their eyes on Mickey Mouse walking towards them?

There are some moments that money can’t buy, but in this case, the budget might not be as high as you think.

The cost of Orlando holidays has certainly dropped over recent years, and there are many ways you can cut the cost of visiting Disney’s magic to see that precious look on your children’s faces. On top of this, there are also tips to save time and effort, to get the most out of your visit.

The cost of flying to Orlando is probably the biggest expense, however if you shop around, and perhaps even fly indirect, you could save a little here. Once you look at where to stay, there are on-site hotels, of course, however there are also many off-site hotels and apartments which will work out cheaper, especially if you can find a deal which throws in car hire too. Another possible option is to find another family who are travelling at the same time as you, and book a villa in the Kissimmee area, splitting the cost between you. There are many options to look at to cut costs, and this all makes visiting Disney much more possible.

Of course, once you’re in the heart of the magic, you will want to grab every last second, and that means you need to heed advice before you go. Certainly look at what events are going on in each park on each day before you go, and tailor your visiting days according to that – for instance, if there is a large firework display you want to see on a Tuesday in Hollywood Studios, make sure you go there on Tuesday, and if there is a parade in Epcot that you want to see on Friday, make Friday Epcot day!

If you buy your Disney tickets early to avoid queueing you will save time, but you will also save cash too, because there is almost always money off offers online, provided you use a reputable dealer. Looking at bundle deals is also a good go-to, such as buying a 7 day pass, rather than buying tickets for individual parks on individual days.

Put simply, Disney is now much more affordable, much more accessible, and much more possible for every family out there, and whilst you may need to save up a little beforehand, it will certainly be worth every second.


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