A True Wish List Destination

A True Wish List Destination

Whether it is your wish list or your bucket list, there are certain destinations which are common entries – Canada is one of them.

The huge open spaces, dramatic landscapes, bustling, vibrant cities, and a culture like no other, these all add up to make Canada a hugely popular country for visitors, both first time and repeat.

Because of the sheer size of the place, it’s worth giving some serious thought to what you want to see, and where you want to go. Do bear in mind that whilst Canada is separate to the USA, it is also the largest country in the Northern America region, and only falls second to Russia in terms of size; a flight from the Canadian cities of Toronto to Vancouver will take you over four hours, which is more than some flights across Europe! You could of course do your own exploration and hire a car when you get there, to give you a true once in a lifetime experience, travelling across regions.

The Atlantic coast in the north is home to some seriously historic destinations, such as Nova Scotia and Newfoundland; here you will find serious natural beauty too, however the region of Quebec is another popular part to head to. This is a unique spot, because here you will think you are in a blend between France and Canada! French is the language most people speak, and you will find Montreal here, a huge and modern city, known for architecture and gastronomy amongst many other things.

Ontario is probably the most popular and famous part of Canada, and here you will find Toronto, Ottawa, and the iconic Niagara Falls. If you are visiting this watery wonder which everyone dreams of heading to, be sure to go early, as the crowds can be extreme throughout the day. Another natural wonder around this region is Muskoka, which should be on your list too.

We haven’t even covered half of Canada, and there is still more to go!

The Prairies have that olde-worlde feel which you see in films back in the day, with huge, soaring mountains, and wide open spaces. Calgary, Winnipeg, and Edmonton are found here, and these modern cities sit in extreme contradiction to the natural spaces you see between the cities. Of course, if you want to ski, you will certainly have heard of Whistler, and this is in the beautiful British Columbia region.

The Northern Lights, The Rockies, adrenaline sports, culture, shopping, gastronomy, history, you name it, Canada has it, and with more and more people finding this huge country much more accessible than ever before, visiting is a realistic option, rather than a bucket list entry which will remain unticked.

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