What Does The Future Hold For Dubai?

What Does The Future Hold For Dubai?

Dubai is one of the world’s most luxurious holiday destinations. A favourite with celebrities, tourists are guaranteed an unforgettable luxury experience when they visit this amazing city. 

Once attracting mainly business travellers, the city is becoming more popular with families as time goes on. Things have definitely changed in Dubai over the past few years and even more changes are planned over the coming years.


Growing in popularity once more

Dubai suffered a temporary setback in 2008 thanks to the economic crisis. Bankers were even said to be abandoning their Ferrari’s at airports. Buildings weren’t able to be finished so the place looked something akin to a building site. However, these days, things have definitely changed.

It may be six hours away from the UK, but this is still a popular destination for families. There’s a great range of hotels near Dubai airport. Most are designed with families in mind and host many children’s activities. Your children will find it a huge learning experience visiting this Middle Eastern country.


New lagoon promises to be largest in the world

One of the most exciting developments in the city is the man-made lagoon that’s currently being built. It is set to be over three times bigger than the Sharm El Sheikh Bay in Egypt. The 40 hectare lagoon will certainly attract more tourists and is a part of a new $7 billion development which is set to include more green space to the area than London’s Hyde Park.

While it isn’t expected to be finished until 2020, this development will certainly draw tourists to the city.


The city could host the next World Expo

Another event that could be happening in 2020 is the World Expo. Every five years, the World Expo is hosted by a different city. It highlights local technology and architecture via the use of pavilions.

Dubai is one of four cities hoping to host the event. Its competition is Russia’s Yekaterinburg, Brazil’s San Paulo and Turkey’s Izmir, but it’s thought that Dubai is the favourite to win.

These are just some of the exciting developments in the city. It seems to have moved on from business travel to a more family-friendly destination and there’s so much to see and do with amazing architecture found throughout the city. You’ll be in awe of some of the most beautiful buildings in the world with the hotels particularly well known for their aesthetic appeal.

photo credit: www.thameralhassan.com Thamer Al-Hassan via photopin cc

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