The Party of Oz

The Party of Oz

Australia is a beautiful land. From the majestic and awe inspiring Uluru, to the beautiful beaches along the Eastern coast, to the lush forests at Blue Mountains National park; there’s no question -Australia is a place of many different amazing attractions; one of which, being the party scene. Next time you’re in the land down under, between your trip to the Opera house and sunbathing sessions, grab a drink and party with the best of ‘em in one of these amazing Australian party destinations.

1. Sydney – Bondi Beach

Sydney - Bondi Beach

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Sydney is one of the largest cities in the world, as well as one of the best party spots in the world. Sydney’s Bondi Beach has a slew of beachside bars, hostels, and young people roaming the beach in search of a good time. If you’re in Sydney, stop by the beach and grab a drink or two.

2. Sydney – The Rocks


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Also in Sydney, the Rocks district is right along the famed Darling Harbour, overlooking the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. Be sure not to miss fun times in The Rocks.

3. Gold Coast


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In search of good times and even better beaches? Look no further than Australia’s beautiful Gold Coast. In the city center you will find clubs open all night, and bar crawls always going to show you the way to fun.

4. Melbourne


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This party destination is tops for the coolest, most unique bars in the country. From dive bars to all nightclubs, Melbourne has it all. Enjoy live music and jaw dropping street art in this one of a kind city.

5. Cairns


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This often overlooked gem of Australia is extremely popular among the backpacker crowd. If you like hostel bars and amazing pub crawls, head to Cairns and keep up with the young travller group.

6. Perth



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An eclectic mix of watering holes is available on the west side of this continent; from all night clubs with amazing DJs to hole in the wall pubs to hostel parties. Perth has everything you need for a night on the town.

7. Darwin


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Another great city for hostel bars, Darwin is a great spot for rubbing elbows with partiers from around the world. Big clubs as well as great hostel bars and pubs are all available in this great party city.

8. Brisbane  


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One of Australia’s biggest cities, Brisbane boasts great lounges, bars, and dance clubs. There’s something for everyone in this city along the river. If you can’t find the right bar for you, make your own using Adept Hire services and create the perfect space to party.

9. Byron Bay


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From the insanely beautiful beaches to the never ending list of must-see bars and clubs, Byron Bay is a party tour MUST in Australia. This hippie-vibed, surf town is an amazing party spot.

10. Magnetic Island



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The site of one of the most infamous EDM Festivals on the planet, Magnetic Island is the spot for DJs and Live Music beach parties. Don’t miss the one of a kind party destination.

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