Start Planning Your Travel Adventures For 2016

Start Planning Your Travel Adventures For 2016

With the new year approaching fast, it’s time to turn your wanderlust into reality. Whether there’s a destination you’ve got on your bucket list, or simply want a change of scenery, it’s about time to put your plans into action. Here’s some advice to help you start planning your next big adventure.

Location, Location, Location

Obviously the most important point to consider is where you want to go. If budget is a concern for you, Lonely Planet’s best value picks for 2016 include Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast, perfect for surfers and wildlife lovers; beautiful Estonia, a rich mix of Eastern and Nordic European landscapes, culture, and cuisine; and Western Australia for those seeking cinematic desert adventures. If you’d rather stay a little closer to home, there’s plenty of opportunities to travel throughout Europe, as Western Europe has excellent train links between almost all major cities, from Berlin to Barcelona. Alternatively, long-term cruises offer the opportunity to travel coastal destinations, while reducing the stress of repacking and entering customs in every new country.

Booking Times

It always makes sense to shop around for flights and hotels, but the time of your booking can make all the difference. Generally, the best deals can be found well in advance or immediately before your departure, so it really depends how flexible you can be. If booking time off or making childcare arrangements is an issue, be sure to book your travel well in advance – generally hotels and flights during term time are the least expensive. For shorter holidays and more flexible work schedules, many cruises and flights will offer deals in the weeks leading up to departure, in an attempt to fill seats.

Prep and Packing

So your transport to a fabulous location is booked and ready, what next? Depending on where you’re travelling to and your desired activities, you’ll need to take care of insurance. If you’re aged over 55, you may have to take out specialist travel insurance in case of any injuries, likewise for adrenaline junkies looking to take part in any extreme sports. Some countries such as the USA and Australia may require a traveller’s’ visa, so be sure to apply as soon as possible to give it time to clear before departing. Finally, choose your wardrobe accordingly – be sure to include comfortable shoes if you will be doing a lot of sightseeing, and you’re off. Your last points to check will be any extra baggage, grabbing your passport, and heading to the airport.

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