Five of the Biggest Horse Racing Events Around the Globe

Five of the Biggest Horse Racing Events Around the Globe

Do you love horse racing? Do you enjoy putting on a bet and then waiting with baited breath to see whether your horse comes in as the winner?Do you enjoy the adrenaline rush, the waiting, and the thrill of the race?

If you do, you’re not alone. Horse racing is massive business, not only in terms of sport, but entertainment too, making millions every year. You can bet in person at a betting shop, or you can head online, such as checking the racing results today by William Hill, meaning you can do it all from the comfort of your home.

What could be easier?

There are countless horse racing events going on all the time, but some are certainly bigger and more prestigious than others.

Let’s look at five of the biggest.

The Grand National, Liverpool, UK

One of the most famous steeplechase races in the world, held almost every year since the first one in 1839. Due to the challenging nature of the race, it has been controversial over the years, yet it doesn’t stop bets being put on in their millions on race day in April. Lasting for around four miles, and three furlongs, including hurdles, the Grand National isn’t just a race, but an event to be seen at too.

The Kentucky Derby, USA

Part of the Triple Crown, this is the most prestigious of all three races held in the USA, specifically in Louisville. This has been held every year since 1875, on the first Saturday in May, and is known as The Run for the Roses. A sprint, which lasts generally around two minutes, this brings multi-million dollar bets.

Epsom Derby, UK

One of the oldest races around, first held in 1780, this is a prestigious race which is commonly attended by the Royal Family. Held at the beginning of June, the Epsom Derby is part of the Triple Crown, and lasts for one mile, drawing massive crowds and plenty of money.

Prix de L’Arc de Triomphe, France

Longchamp Racecourse in Paris is the home to one of Europe’s most glittering horse race events, held on the first Sunday in October every year. The prize pot for this race is massive, at around $5.5 million, and is a real event to attend, again with massive crowds.

Dubai World Cup, United Arab Emirates

Everything in Dubai is generally about money, and this particular race event is no different. A huge prize pot of a massive $10 million, this 1.25 mile race has been held annually since 1996, so a relative newcomer on the horse racing event calendar. Generally held on dirt at the Meydan Racecourse, this pulls in money-drenched crowds.

If you fancy a bet on any of the above events, you can expect to be one of many who do. Who knows, you might win big, but certainly nowhere near as big as the winner of the race itself, with prize pots worth millions.

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