Welcome to Wales

Welcome to Wales

Rugged, untamed, unspoilt, real – these are all adjectives that are used to describe the natural beauty that is Wales. Wales is sometimes overlooked in terms of tourism compared to Scotland and England, however this is a huge mistake, with a massive amount of history and natural sights to take in. 

Wales almost feels in parts like it’s been frozen in time, yet the busy metropolis of Cardiff is in stark comparison, especially to the famous Valleys, the former mining region of the country. You also have soaring cliffs and the famous seaside resorts of Rhyl, Llandudno and Aberystwyth for a spot of good old British seaside fun.

Small in size, at just 160 miles in length, and 50 miles in width, Wales is easily travelled, with bus and rail networks linking major towns and cities, and regional bus services linking the villages and smaller areas. Most of the built up urban life is in the south of the country, however the stunning amount of natural countryside is what really stands out, regardless of whether north, south, east or west.

One of the most famous parts of the country is the Pembrokeshire Coast, and this is where many a tourist heads, to explore the coastline, and of the many paths designed to take walkers through the best of the scenery, or do the whole 187 mile stretch, for those energetic types! Hiring one of Powells Pembrokeshire cottages is the best way to truly see the area, as this gives you a comfortable, homely base to return of an evening, whilst being surrounded by picturesque and rugged coastline and countryside, and for a competitive cost too. Alternatively, the Brecon Beacons is another popular spot for walkers.

Aside from Pembrokeshire, you also have the imposing peaks of the Snowdonia National Park, with Snowdon predictably the top feature. Wales’ highest mountain is a popular place to trek, and you can walk up, or get the train, and then sit back with a drink at the café at the summit. The Ffestiniog Railway is an old-fashioned train that winds through the dramatic national park scenery, and this is a definite must-do for first time visitors.

Overall, Wales is a varied, yet beautiful country, with valleys, cliffs, coastline, and ancient history for visitors to explore. Cities and towns finish off the attraction, with Cardiff and Swansea great for a spot of vibrant night-life, sport, restaurants, and shopping.

For a country that has a bit of everything, whilst maintaining a very real, down to earth vibe, Wales packs a huge tourism punch.

photo credit: pcgn7 via photopin cc

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