Visiting Europe in Under Two Weeks

Visiting Europe in Under Two Weeks

The clock is ticking!

Unfortunately time is of the essence, and when you’re working, holidays should be spent as preciously as possible, to enable us to drag out every single second of spare time.

Where holidays and travel are concerned, it’s worthwhile looking at your options to cram in as much as possible. Getting around Europe is easy, and there are plentiful methods at your disposal to do this, yet you don’t want to be sat on a coach for hours on end if you’re passing motorways and not much else. Because of that, let’s explore other ways to see more, whilst keeping time at the back of your mind.

River cruising

Rivers weave their way through countries, crossing borders, snaking through towns, cities, countryside, mountains, and farmland, so it makes sense that this is one of the best ways to see more, whilst travelling distances. The River Rhine is a hugely popular cruise route, and you can find Rhine river cruise holidays lasting up to 12 days, passing from Basal to Amsterdam, through the Black Forest region of Germany, the Rhine Gorge, Cologne and finally to Amsterdam, with much more en-route.

Rail travel

Whether you purchase a rail pass, which allows you to head to certain areas and restricts how much rail travel you can do for the cost of your pass, or whether you choose to fly by the seat of your pants, with a map in hand, getting around the continent by rail is a great choice. You can stop off wherever you choose, or plan an itinerary before you go, which might be the safer option.

Organised cruises

Once the option of the elderly, these days cruises are seriously en-vogue, and when you look at it at its most basic level – allowing you visit many different places and countries within a week or two, it’s no surprise that this has opened up to many different age-groups. The cost is also a huge factor, as all food and drink is included in the cost, allowing you the budget to concentrate on what you’re seeing, with no other worries.

Organised tours

There are countless companies providing sightseeing tours, which basically condenses the best of European sights into a short space of time, usually with the help of a guide to inform you of the history and importance of where you’re visiting. You can choose the areas you want to narrow it down to, and the only thing to bear in mind is that you research your company and check out reviews before booking, and certainly before paying.

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