The Drive of Your Life: Europe’s Greatest Road Trips

The Drive of Your Life: Europe’s Greatest Road Trips

If you’re dreaming of an adventure on the open road then you might want to consider one of Europe’s greatest road trips. From the breath taking scenery of the Amalfi Coast to the rural charm of Provence, Europe’s landscapes offer excellent road tripping terrain. But do you choose mountain or sea? Map or sat nav? We bring you some of the best circuits on the continent along with top travel tips for making the most of your adventure.


Image by Ana Paula Hirama, shared under a Creative Commons Licence

Choosing your route

It’s all about the research when it comes to choosing the best route, and there are a number of excellent travel books specifically about road tripping in Europe. Perhaps you have a country in mind, or are open to ideas.

Check out classics such as the Amalfi Coast in Italy and trips through rural Provence as well as more unusual options such as the Flower Route through the Netherlands or the Basque circuit through northern Spain. Central Greece offers ancient ruins and traditional villages, whilst Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast roads will take you to some of the last truly deserted beaches in Europe.

Learning from experience

Online travel forums and blogs are great resources when it comes to planning your trip. If someone else has already done it, what were the challenges? What were the key things that they needed to pack and prepare for? Travel blogs will give you a good idea of what you can expect through someone else’s experience. Leave a comment at the bottom of the post to ask a blogger a question. Most are happy to share their experience and offer advice.

The right paperwork

Once you’ve settled on a destination and begun planning your adventure it’s important to think about the paper work. Research the driving licence requirements for international drivers in the country you are travelling to. Do you need an international driving permit? What type of insurance do you need? It’s also worth checking out the road signs and driving laws before you travel.

To sat nav or not to sat nav? 

These days, most of us rely on sat navs or Google maps when it comes to finding our way to new destinations by car. The old fashioned paper map may not be as essential as it used to be, but using one could add that extra sense of adventure to your road trip. Before heading out, plot your route on a paper map to get a sense of distances and timing. There’s no harm in taking a sat nav as a backup for those times when getting lost stops being fun and exciting.

A road trip in Europe may well turn out to be the drive of your life. Ensure that you’ve got all your paper work in order, have all the necessary items packed and have checked out local driving laws to enjoy your trip to the full.

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