Skiing in Europe on a Budget

Skiing in Europe on a Budget

Skiing can be an expensive hobby – you’ll need to get a chair lift pass, rent or own skis, a suit, and of course travel from where you are to ski resorts all over the world. The best or holy grail of skiing can be found in Europe. You can find cheap ski holidays at that can take care of your flights and other activities in Andorra, Austria, France & Italy making the whole holiday much easier for you.

If you prefer to do it yourself, here are some tips to ski/board whilst on a budget:

1)     Plan your flights early and book it as soon as you find availability within your budget. If you are bringing your own equipment though, consider if it is cheaper to book another airline that would allow you to check these in for free (or a minimal fee) as compared to the low costs that pretty much charge you for everything.

2)     Skip the clichéd, more expensive towns – If you’re on a very tight budget, skip Chamonix or Davos. Those resorts can cost you an arm and a leg on lodging and driving from the airport alone. The Guardian has an interactive site featuring the best value ski resorts in the continent which you can use for your trip planning:

3)     Go during offpeak times- of course January – February would bring in the most crowds seeking for their winter thrills. The best time to go would be March. That’s nearly the end of ski season where accommodations and airfare can drop substantially lower and the slopes won’t be as crowded with people. It’s not too warm yet where the snow would melt, but then again some resorts just create artificial snow if it gets too warm anyway.

4)     Stay with a local using AirBnB or Couchsurf instead of staying at a resort – If you plan to stay a week or more, you can get better rates by renting a room or an apartment directly from the locals than staying at a resort directly. A downside is you might need to travel longer (drive longer or take public transport) to get to your resort from the apartment, but your savings will substantially be lower.

5)     Search for discounted lift tickets or other activities using online websites – this will cut off a big portion of your costs if you’re lucky enough to find a deal. If you’re doing it anyway, might as well get it for a cheaper price than paying full price! You can check out Liftopia or even Groupon or LivingSocial for these deals.

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