Seven Reasons to Visit Bosnia and Herzegovina

Seven Reasons to Visit Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina, often informally known as Bosnia, is fast developing as a tourist destination. Here are seven good reasons to check out this beautiful destination.

1. Rich history

Several of Bosnia-Herzegovina’s cities have history well worth exploring. Sarajevo, the capital, was the site of the assassination which started the First World War, suffered the longest siege in modern warfare during the Bosnian War, and, on a happier note, hosted the 1984 Winter Olympics. It was named one of the world’s top fifty cities in the Lonely Planet guide.

2. Affordable sight-seeing

This beautiful capital is easy to explore on the cheap, with lots of walking tours offered for free and very well-reviewed on popular tourist sites. Lots of areas, such as the historic bazaar, also have no entry fee and are free to walk around.

3. Gorgeous landscapes

Bosnia-Herzegovina’s spectacular scenery makes just wandering about the country a wonderful experience. Mountainous and forested regions, ruggedly beautiful meadows and limestone cave systems are all to be found. However, driving here can be dangerous, particularly in steep areas, so if you’re in a rented car consider investing in direct car excess insurance to soften the sting of any accidents.

4. Multiculturalism

Bosnia-Herzegovina’s capital was a diverse and tolerant place long before most other cities in Europe, with Catholic and Orthodox churches, synagogues and mosques all coexisting. Mostar, the cultural heart of the country, is home to one of the Balkan region’s most important pieces of Muslim architecture, Stari Most – the Old Bridge. In fact, the city is named for its bridges.

5. Friendly culture 

Visitors to Bosnia-Herzegovina speak highly of tour guides, travel company employees and their experience with ordinary people in the street. The country is working hard to build its tourist industry and that is reflected in the attitude of the people who work in the sector. Guided touring in Bosnia-Herzegovina is usually a friendly, relaxed experience, and Bosnian culture is noted for being friendly and hospitable.

6. Good nightlife

Tourists describe Bosnian nightlife as a fascinating mix of Eastern and Western culture. It’s easy to find bars with a good variety of cocktails, live music, singing waitresses, proprietors with stories to tell and a mix of travellers and locals. And of course, whether you’re going out for lunch, dinner or a night on the tiles, prices are much lower than in the UK!

7. Sports and hiking

If parties and culture aren’t your thing, it’s also easy to find everything from nature trails to horse riding, and the country is re-establishing its reputation as an excellent ski resort.

In short, whether you’re looking for scenery, history or just a good time, Bosnia and Herzegovina has something for everyone!

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