Party in Prague

Party in Prague

When organising a wedding, one of the most important parts isn’t only about the dress, the venue, the cake, the favours, and the suit, it’s also about the experience, and a large part of that is the stag and hen dos.

Now, because money is tight at this time in your life, as we all know that weddings aren’t the cheapest of things, it’s no surprise that many people look to cheaper destinations and ideas to fulfil that last night or weekend of freedom box that everyone seems to think they need to tick off. Whether you go for a simple evening or a weekend is an entirely personal choice, but there are many destinations which are cheap enough to extend to a few days, and one which is very popular, particularly for stag dos, is Prague.

I’m sure you will have heard that the Eastern European countries are much cheaper for beer and eating out, and with low cost airlines heading there regularly throughout the year, it’s easy to get from A to B for less than it often costs to go to your own capital city by train. On top of this, budget accommodation is plentiful, and nightlife is not only cheap, but also very vibrant indeed.

Lots of people go to Prague for their stag celebrations, and there are many reasons for this. Firstly, we mentioned it’s cheap, and that is a very important box to tick, but secondly, the place itself is stunning, so you can easily add on a spot of sightseeing with your partying action. There are also many activities you can add on to ramp up the adrenaline too, such as tank driving, go karting, or a private river cruise to take in everything Prague has to offer, without having to walk too far with a hangover.

The endless clubs, bars, and pubs will certainly tick your partying box, but it would be a crime not to see more of this beautiful and timeless city whilst you’re there. Must visits include the beautiful Old Town, Prague Castle, one of the biggest medieval castles in the world, as well as the famous Astronomical Clock. Wenceslas Square is perfect for watching traditional life go by, and a popular meeting spot, with countless coffee shops and restaurants here too. The bridges over the Vlatva River are romantic and intricate in their architecture, in fact the whole of Prague can be summed up in that way – timeless, sophisticated, elegant, and almost seeming to be stuck in time, until you wander upon the nightlife that is!

There are many companies out there who will organise your stag celebrations for you in Prague, to take the hassle out of it, but the city is very walkable, easy to get around, and not too difficult to figure out, so you won’t have too far to wander if you’re looking for your next bar or club to continue your night.

Vibrant and beautiful, old and new, lively yet calm – Prague is a confusing mixture of adjectives, but each and every one of them is wonderful.

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