Make A Splash: 8 Activities For A Watersports Holiday In Dartmouth

Make A Splash: 8 Activities For A Watersports Holiday In Dartmouth

How do you like to spend your summer holiday? Laid out on the beach soaking up the sun, with lazy evenings relaxing over wine and a meal alfresco? No one could argue with that, but if you’re thinking of coming to Dartmouth this summer you can combine that with the excitement of a watersports holiday.

Dartmouth is a historical town nestled on the South Devon coastline with a rich maritime history. It’s full of opportunities to get out and enjoy the clean, clear sea that breaks against it. To give you an idea here are eight activities to try.

Sail Away

Dartmouth is home to one of the most prestigious boating regattas in the country, so it’s no surprise that it’s a big hit with sailors of all abilities. Most people on watersports holidays want to try their hand at sailing, so why not charter a yacht for the day? If you want to get more practical you’ll find several RYA-approved schools where you can undertake tuition and courses.

Explore On A Kayak


The coast along Dartmouth is full of craggy inlets and hidden coves, which are difficult to access. Hiring a kayak gives you a way to experience these little nooks and crannies in a unique way. You can also head up the River Dart and go wildlife spotting with ease.

Swim The Seas


While swimming may not seem an especially exciting way to spend time on a watersports holiday it takes on a whole new dimension when you head out into the open seas. It’s important to acknowledge that swimming in the sea has its dangers and unless you are a particularly strong swimmer you shouldn’t venture too far.

At Dartmouth you can access Sugary Cove which you can use as a starting point to head out around the rocks surrounding Dartmouth Castle. Seals frequent the area so keep an eye out for them. Once you’re out at the castle you can head up the river or move out to sea a bit if you’re confident.



This sport has burst onto the scene in recent years and is fast becoming a favourite with people on watersports holidays. It’s a simple enough idea, you stand up on a large board and use a long paddle to manoeuvre through the water. In Dartmouth you can enjoy instruction to get to grips with the board and then either head out on a guided tour or hire a board and explore alone.

Tear It Up On A Powerboat


Few things are as exhilarating as speeding along the sea at high speeds. Unless you are an experienced skipper you’ll need to charter a boat and you’ll find many companies in Dartmouth that offer tours around the coast on powerboats and RIBs. If you want to try your hand yourself then you could invest in the 2-day RYA Powerboat II training certificate at one of the local boating schools.

Row Row Row Your Boat

row your boat

After swimming this has to be the oldest watersport. Rowing takes real skill as well as plenty of stamina and upper body strength. Of course there’s no reason why total beginners can’t get something out of it too. Rowing can be a more leisurely way to explore the River Dart and the coast when on holiday.

Take The Plunge With Coasteering


For a really wild watersports holiday you have to try coasteering. This adrenaline-fuelled adventure involves swimming, scrambling over coastal rocks and diving into the sea from perches on the cliffs. You’ll have an expert guide and your safety will be paramount but this is a truly unique way to get your feet, and the rest of you, wet.

Delve Beneath The Waves

beneath the waves

If you love SCUBA diving then Dartmouth is the ideal location for a watersports holiday. You’ll find plenty of charter boats, and many of the skippers have specialist knowledge of prime local diving sites, including the numerous shipwrecks that lie close to the coast.

After being out on the water all day you’ll need a relaxing base to put your feet up. Take a look at the wonderful holiday properties Coast & Country Cottages have available and book a getaway today.

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