It’s Always Party Time in Berlin: Your Guide to the Cities Best Nightlife

It’s Always Party Time in Berlin: Your Guide to the Cities Best Nightlife

Berlin remains one of the most exciting cities in Europe. If you’re still young, you’ll fit in with one of the hottest clubs on the planet. And those who feel young at heart will also find their niche with Berlin nightlife. A quick look on Expedia and you’ll find no shortage of accommodation – just make sure you get something that’s close to all the aciton. And then the real fun begins! Once you’re in Berlin, you must check out these four clubs for the extraordinary nightlife they provide to their customers. 


If you want to hear some authentic German techno, then Watergate is the nightclub for you. In the upstairs section, you can enjoy the sounds of established stars of the techno stage. In the downstairs area, you will listen to those musicians who are just now getting their start in the club scene. All of this bodes well for you, the avid techno fan. You’ll see and hear why techno became so popular in Berlin. Be prepared for a fun night at Watergate.


One of the most popular nightclubs in Berlin is called Cookies. If you’re not a big fan of techno, you can find other styles of music for your own pleasure here. Indie, hip hop, and other styles are regularly featured at Cookies. It’s a very welcoming atmosphere for people looking to have a good time in Berlin. And that crowd includes you. This is truly the place to party hard in Berlin, so don’t miss it during your stay.


Rave fans of all ages will want to check out Weekend. There’s a rooftop bar where customers can enjoy a variety of spectacular drinks. You’ll also hear plenty more house and techno music, and fans of those genres will feel right at home in an instant at Weekend. Some of the most sociable people in Berlin come to Weekend to get their party on, and you can be there to meet them. Be sure to check out Weekend during your stay in Berlin.

Club Der Visionaere

This is a very unique club in Berlin. The location along the canal makes it a wonderful place to escape the stresses of daily life. This is a much more relaxed atmosphere than the others listed here. It may be more suitable for older party fans. But the younger crowd makes it an exciting place on Saturday nights as well. You’ll be able to find whatever you like at this incredible party venue in Berlin.

Photo Credit: Thomas Quine

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