Highlights of Eastern Europe

Highlights of Eastern Europe

Welcome to Russia

Russia is becoming more and more accessible and touristic, meaning various types of holidays are springing out all around. Whether you’re choosing a city break in Moscow or St Petersburg, or whether you’re wanting to see the more natural side of this huge and quite sprawling country, Russia offers something for every kind of visitor.

We’ve mentioned that Russia is big, but most people don’t realise just how big it is. To put it in perspective, Russia covers around 11 time zones! Whilst most of the country isn’t populated, the sheer size of the land we’re talking about is enough to make you understand why this is the biggest country in Europe. Russia is also home to the continent’s largest river, the Volga, which runs right through the centre, perfect for one of the best ways to see all this country has to offer.

One of the new up and coming ways to see the best of Russia is by boat. You can book plentiful Russian river cruises in Moscow, with a price tag to suit everyone, depending on tour length. Probably the most booked river cruise is from Moscow to St Petersburg, covering around 12 days on average, and taking in Moscow, Uglich, Yaroslavl, Goritsy, Kizhi, Mandrogui, and finally arriving in St Petersburg. You will have free time in most of the above named places, and the natural landscapes and sights you’ll see as you pass through the centre of this mighty country is something to behold. Certainly one for a very good quality camera!

Of course, there are visa issues for most countries when visiting Russia, so check your Embassy’s website for information pertinent to your country of origin, and be sure to arrange your visa well in advance, to avoid any delays or problems.

You also need to take into account the time of year you visit. Because of the size of the place, you could pass through different seasons almost, depending on how far you’re travelling. Summers in the main cities can be scorching, but having said that, winters can be literally freezing. Do your research before you choose your time of year, and pack accordingly. If you can, try and time your visit to coincide with summer in St Petersburg, for a real treat. Because of where St Petersburg is on the map, there is a time during the summer where the sun is evident for 24 hours of the day, and the night never comes. It truly is a magical time to visit, so if you can, go at this time.

Russia might not have been on everyone’s wish list in the past, but there are signs that this is now changing, and tourism is booming.

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