Dusseldorf: Everyone has to go here

Dusseldorf: Everyone has to go here

Dusseldorf is definitely known as a shopping city. Even as a cultural city you can find the Rhine metropolis quickly. However, very few people know the true meaning of the city. Of course, it also offers its visitors and vacationers the opportunity to relax and forget about everyday life. The Rhine is particularly suitable for this. Of course, those who travel to Dusseldorf do not have to forget the luxury. This shows up quickly even at the accommodations of the city. Many luxury hotels can be found in Dusseldorf again. But not only can the overnight stays Dusseldorf dive into luxury. The leisure activity is found accordingly fast.

Do not forget the old town

The old town is the historic centre of Dusseldorf and should not be forgotten. However, the reasons are very comprehensive. In addition to the many shopping possibilities, which offer themselves in the city centre, there are also some sights to see. Because the city has to offer some famous breweries, which are surprisingly all located in the city centre. A corresponding detour can be made quickly. In addition to many fashion stores can be found in the old town and the one or other beautiful restaurant, which can be used. There is plenty of luxury in the old town of Dusseldorf of shopping miles where you can meet all the official top models of the Escorts Dusseldorf.

From the old town to the Rhine promenade

For even more variety does not ensure the Rhine promenade. On beautiful days, this lures especially with plenty of action in the field of water sports and sightseeing, but also with a lot of rest. If you want to enjoy the water and its tranquillity you can sit directly on the banks of the Rhine and enjoy the sun. This is outstanding on the banks of the Rhine in the beautiful and especially family inns. And if you want to escape the hustle and bustle, then the way to the “Rheinturm” is not so far away.

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