Alternative Ways to Explore Europe

Alternative Ways to Explore Europe

Getting around the huge landmass and many islands that make up Europe isn’t an easy job. If you want to explore and see as much as possible, then you need to be prepared to cross huge distances, however despite that, it’s the travel and passing landscapes that will show you the huge differences between country to country. 


So, just how can you get around Europe, aside from flying?


River cruises

For an entirely relaxing and natural way to see the inside of a country experience a river cruise! Crossing borders along the way, you’ll see the best of the natural landscapes of a region, with soaring mountains, rolling plains and castles, vineyards, and passing villages. Any major river on the continent can generally be cruised, with popular choices being the rivers of Germany, the River Danube, and the River Rhine, amongst others.



A good cheap option for a holiday, but also a very handy way to see a lot, in a short space of time. Mediterranean cruises are plentiful, and you’ll visit several island and major resorts during your week or two on the high sea. This is also budget-worthy because your food and drink is included in the cost of your holiday, and all you have to think about is what land excursions you’d like to go on when you dock for your itinerary destinations. This is a probably a great choice for the travel beginner, as it gives you a bit of a safety net in terms of transport.



Once the sole ownership of students, purchasing a rail pass and setting off through various countries is now becoming more mainstream, and because of that, the cost has fallen over recent years. Italy is still the number one interrailing destination, however you don’t have to stick to one country, and you can cross borders if you buy a pass that allows you to do that. You don’t actually have to buy a pass either, as trains are very plentiful and cheap throughout Europe, and all it takes is a good app or map, and a willingness to explore. Travel light is probably the best advice here.


Eurolines buses

Long-distance coach travel is possible through Eurolines, which provides coaches around the continent. Fares are best booked in advance, to get the best deal, and to ensure you get a seat, so check out their website to plan your journey. This is a good way to check out scenery en-route too.


Island hopping

Another back-packing type of transport, but island hopping is now just as mainstream as interrailing. The Greek islands are a popular spot, and you’ll find plentiful ferries throughout the islands, enabling you to sample several during one holiday.

Seeing Europe in a more alternative way, aside from taking to the skies, will allow you to appreciate the landscape in a much more detailed way. After all, exploration should be done as thoroughly as possible, don’t you agree?

photo credit: Paolo Margari via photopin cc

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