7 Places You Didn’t Know You Could Explore in Greece

7 Places You Didn’t Know You Could Explore in Greece

For anyone looking for the ultimate holiday retreat then look no further than Greece. What more could you want in a destination than balmy temperatures, stunning coastlines and tantalising cuisine? Well, for the intrepid travellers among us, some additional intrigue and uniqueness is required. Thankfully, Greece has this in abundance too.

1. Nas, Ikaria

In the eastern Aegean, Ikaria is known for being a little off-centre and on its northwest coast you’ll find the equally alternative Nas. There is nothing unusual about its enclosed bay, though, as the small pebble and sand beach is what you would expect from a Greek island.

In nearby Raches, the locals are known to sleep until late morning, have another nap in the afternoon (not the same as a power nap), and then stay up all night, which only adds to Ikaria’s idiosyncratic charm.

2. Kastelorizo, Dodecanese

The smallest of all the Greek islands, take a ferry from Rhodes for an interesting day out. Holidaymakers can choose to take a hike up to the castle and monastery to enjoy views across to Turkey, only 2 km away. Alternatively check awe-inspiring sea caves of the Blue Grotto and round off the day by heading to Alexandra’s Restaurant for a traditional Greek meal, enjoy fresh seafood, like the stuffed calamari, all while watching turtles swim around you for a unique dining experience.

3. Limni Keriou, Zakynthos

Zakynthos is now synonymous with the club 18-30 crowd, but there is a lot more to Zakynthos than meets the eye. Head away from the anglicised area of Laganas and head to LimniKeriou for a beautiful beach and some scuba diving and turtle spotting beneath the waves. After working up an appetite head to one of the many tavernas for some simple but tasty grilled fish and the finest of fresh local produce.

4. Zagorohoria, Epirus

A collection of villages close to the Pindus mountain range, Zagorohoria is an essential port of call for any hikers because it provides easy access to the area’s main walking route, the UNESCO-protected Vikos Gorge.

To relax and recover, Zagorohoria’s cosy guesthouses provide ample comfort, while nearby landscapes and rivers must be seen to be believed.

5. Myrtos, Crete

Crete may be the largest of the Greek islands, but if you head away from the tourist traps to Myrtos, you’ll find one of the most tranquil beaches in Greece. Even in the height of summer you could find yourself as part of only a handful of sunbathers in this tiny, traditional, white-washed village. If you fancy a break from the beach then why not take a walk through one of the only pine forests in Greece for a novel experience?

6. Little Venice, Mykonos

Even if you decide to visit one of Greece’s more popular islands, it is still possible to uncover the unconventional. Take Little Venice in Mykonos for example, which doesn’t share the rest of the town’s clean and crisp look with its sea-battered walls and rustic-looking balconies.

While here, take a seat at one of the local restaurants and let the Aegean Sea lap at your feet as you enjoy dinner by sunset.

7. Ermoupoli, Syros

Culture vultures should make a beeline for Ermoupoli, the largest town in the Cyclades. Buildings sweep up from the harbour to the top of the island, which features several catholic churches and neoclassical mansions in-between.

Close by there is the Apollon Theatre, which looks just like Milan’s La Scala opera house, and a small archaeological museum.

So, if you’re interested in the offbeat and unusual, be sure to visit these 7 places you didn’t know you could explore in Greece.

Image by Julian Peter used under the Creative Commons License.

George Peterson decided to leave a career in accountancy to fulfil his dreams of moving to Greece, after falling in love with the country after a holiday there in his twenties. Now he spends his days writing blogs and overindulging in cups of coffee.

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