10 Cultural Highlights to See in London

10 Cultural Highlights to See in London

1. Buckingham Palace

Buckingham palace hosted Britain’s royal family since 1887. To date, it among the most visited cultural attraction in London. The palace occupies over 77000 square meters and can be accessed through a long quaint boulevard across St. James Park. It is advisable to book a ticket before arriving.


2. Tower of London

William the conqueror constructed the London tower during the 11th century. Since then, the tower has been used to serve different purposes such as palace, court, arsenal, prison and jewel vault. However, there have been many bloodshed and ghost tales that have been linked to this tower.


3. Shakespeare’s Globe Theater

This globe theater is known as the English Literature and culture haven in London. It was constructed in 1599 by a company, which William Shakespeare was a member. Watch some of the greatest Shakespeare plays that are enacted on the stage often.


4. Saatchi Art Gallery

Saatchi art gallery has three floors and over 70000 square feet of space for exhibitions. It was started with an aim of providing an innovative contemporary art forum, offering and promoting art by unrecognized young artists and international artists whose work has not been recognized. It is among the most visited art galleries in London with over 600000 visitors per year and over 1000 school-organized visits. Additionally, Saatchi art gallery features many art categories such as the oil paintings. Some famous oil painters such as George Little, Kate Hawkins and Sarah Dwyer are also featured in a current exhibition named “British Art Now”.


5. British Museum

British museum hosts the rich history, culture and legacy of the United Kingdom and world at large. It was constructed in 153 with an aim of exhibiting the largest cultural elements worldwide. It displays among others; Greek sculptures, Egyptian mummies, Stone Age remains and Rosetta stone.


6. St. Paul’s Cathedral

The St. Paul’s Cathedral is among the earliest monasteries in the United Kingdom. It was constructed in 604 AD. However, Sir Christopher Wren rebuilt it during the 17th century. Wren was an English architect in baroque style. The cathedral features the tallest dome in the world that is 111 meters high.


7. Houses of Parliament and Big Ben

It is situated besides river Thames. They exhibit Gothic architecture that display the historical and cultural past of London perfectly. Some parts of the parliament were constructed in 1097 and the building has been used as a parliament house since the 16th century.


8. Westminster Abbey

It is also referred to as the Collegiate St. Peter Church. It was constructed in 966 in Gothic style as a monastery. It has a beautiful design and is a popular venue for royal weddings.


9. Trafalgar Square

It was constructed to commemorate the victory of Admiral Nelson over French soldiers in 1805. It features a 51 meter high column that holds Admiral Nelson’s statue.


10. The River Thames

It would be inadequate to visit London and fail to visit river Thames. Take a boat trip of Thames to experience a unique but perfect visual panorama of London city. The showboat floats on river Thames and offers a perfect view of Tower Bridge, parliaments and the St. Paul’s Cathedral.

photo credit: J. A. Alcaide via photopin cc

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