Old-World Mexico With a Serious Party Vibe!

Old-World Mexico With a Serious Party Vibe!

Mexico is one of the most sought after destinations on the planet, and when you do a little research into it, you’ll see exactly why! Whilst Cancun is probably the number one resort you will think of when you picture Mexico, the second most popular is without a doubt Cabo San Lucas, or Cabo for short.

From huge hotels to Los Cabos villas, there are plentiful accommodation options available in this still growing resort, and the location also lends itself to amazing outdoor activities too. This is one destination that does not pander to boredom! The great news is that Los Cabos is very close a major airport, and flights to the region are much more plentiful than they have ever been before. This basically means you have no barriers in your way, and you can easily visit this beautiful and vibrant destination.

Located on the glittering Baja Peninsula, Los Cabos has several top class golf courses, amazing nightlife, nature, diving opportunities, surfing, and top class dining options too. The Old Town, the area which is closest to the main airport, is called San Jose del Cabo, and this is where you can wander around the old streets and enjoy the chilled out vibe. Cabo San Lucas however is where the main entertainment is to be found, and here you will certainly not be short of a plethora of bars and restaurants to entertain you! This is where you will also find one of the most iconic sights in Los Cabos – El Arco. Finally, we have The Corridor, and this is the road which connects Los Cabos with San Jose. Here you will find golf courses and top class accommodation, with stunning coastline to explore.

One of the biggest pulls to Los Cabos for many people is the nightlife. Here you can find everything from quiet cocktail bars, cafes, to huge clubs and music venues. The dining options are also very plentiful, with some top class restaurants to try out.

There isn’t really a bad time to visit Los Cabos either, which is another perk in its direction. Temperatures are always on the high side, and even during the evening you won’t be cold! It’s unlikely to experience rain, as Los Cabos could really be described as a desert, albeit a tropical one! Thankfully, humidity is low throughout the year, although is a little higher during July, August, and into September, when there is a higher chance of a storm, thanks to this time being the peak of the hurricane season. This shouldn’t put you off however, as the region is very well prepared for adverse weather, and forecasts are often very far ahead.

There are also plentiful things to see and do, apart from nightlife. We briefly mentioned surfing as one of the top pulls to Los Cabos, and this is certainly a truth, with some fantastic conditions for learners and experts. There are also fantastic scuba diving opportunities to be had, and sea fishing also. Basically, anything water-related is great around here!

The beach is obviously where it’s at during the day, and the main beach is situated towards the marina. There are some fantastic restaurants and bars here, with amazing views of the epic sunset every evening. This area also overlooks Land’s End, which is certainly a must visit in the region. The views from here are stunning, and you will be able to walk over to Lover’s Beach during low tide, through an eroded area of rocks. You might even spot a sealion basking in the sun!

The area around Los Cabos is also great for exploration. Todos Santos and La Paz are just a couple of hours away, and ideal for a day trip. Here you can experience more in the way of old Mexican charm and the real traditional way of life, giving you an insight into the culture of the region.

Although Mexico is one of the most visited and popular countries to visit, especially for anyone who is looking to experience culture, history, architecture, for honeymooners and weddings, as well as partying, the country does have a bad reputation in terms of violence. We have to mention this because just like Cancun, Los Cabos is a much safer destination than those more in-land parts of the country. Los Cabos is more ‘away from it all’, and isn’t linked to the rest of the country by huge roads etc. For that reason, it is much safer and provided you keep your wits about you, as you would with any destination in the world, you should have no issues whatsoever.

Whether you’ve visited Cancun or not, Los Cabos should be on your visit list. The area is beautiful, the weather is fantastic, you have plentiful outdoor activities at your fingertips, and nightlife is certainly vibrant and plentiful. Put simply, there is no chance of boredom slipping into your break, and if you do want a quieter time, that kind of vacation is entirely possible too. The main nightlife strip is condensed into one area, so you can easily avoid the noise if that’s what you want, and instead stick to the sunset vibe of the marina, or perhaps the balcony or terrace of your hotel or villa.

So, kick back, relax, enjoy the sunshine, and soak up all the fun that Los Cabos has to offer you!

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