The Mystery and Intrigue of Japan

The Mystery and Intrigue of Japan

The Land of the Rising Sun, a country that is somewhat misunderstood by most of the Western World, however a place that most people would love to visit at least once. Full of stunning landscapes, temples, gardens, along with huge skyscrapers and some of the world’s most technologically forward advances in the world, Japan is certainly a place that packs a punch.

Getting around Japan is quite easy, however if you have never visited before, you don’t speak a word of Japanese, and if you’re a little nervous about it all, you may find the complex train system a little complicated. A great way to sidestep that issue is to go on a tour of Japan instead, which is tailor-made to your needs, all with the accompaniment of a trained and knowledgeable guide.

You can ride the famous Bullet Train, gaze in wonderment at Mount Fuji, explore Tokyo’s huge and modern buildings and facilities, check out a traditional tea garden, enjoy the wildlife and temples, and basically do it all without the need to worry about getting around yourself, or without having to worry about visas, because the paperwork is all sorted out for you ahead of time.

Of course, exploring Japan generally is a wonderful way to spend your time, and Japanese culture is certainly very varied, rich, colourful, and interesting. Japan overall is a very modern place, always looking to be one step ahead in terms of technology, and always up to date with Western trends and fashion. A lot of the country is quite the contradiction, when old meets new in a major clash, however it’s certainly something that is interesting to see and experience.

There are several regions within Japan, however Kanto is probably the most visited; this is where you will find Tokyo and Yokohama, and the coastal regions are wonderful to explore too. Chubu is where you will find the Japanese Alps, as well as the huge city of Nagoya and its modern amenities. This part of the country has some of the most untouched scenery on offer. Shikoku is a small island, which is a must visit for those seeking rest and relaxation, as well as those who want to practice meditation and explore Buddhism; as a side note, this is also a fantastic area for adrenaline sports, with white water rafting very popular. Hokkaido is home to Sapporo, a large city, and this region is famous for its annual snow festival too.

Put simply, a visit to Japan will leave you open to wonderment, with plenty of experiences to be had -try some sushi, explore Buddhism, learn something new, and basically check out the wonder and mystery that makes up Japan – a tour is the ideal way, but however you choose to see this interesting country, you will certainly remember it for all the right reasons, whether you immerse yourself in the high tech city of Tokyo, or you head somewhere a little more off the beaten track.

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