Tanzania’s Top 4 Luxury Safari Camps

Tanzania’s Top 4 Luxury Safari Camps

Tanzania is a world famous luxury safari destination and this has remained the case for many years, mainly because it’s a very peaceful country, which never sees any problems with political unrest or crime. This means their luxury safari industry is thriving and it is one of the only places this has been consistent. Tanzania still boasts huge tracts of land covered in wildlife, with just one or two luxury camps. The tented camps in Tanzania are often even more luxurious than the lodges and offer remote and wonderful setting which are unrivalled in abundance of game and beauty.


Here are Tanzania’s top four tented safari camps:

1. Serengeti Safari Camp – Serengeti, Northern Tanzania


This luxury tented camp is simple but exceptionally comfortable and really does have the best most welcoming staff you could ever hope to meet. The camp itself moves to follow the Wildebeest Migration so is always within reach of all the action the Serengeti is so famous for.

2. Chada Katavi – Katavi, Western Tanzania


Chada Katavi is one of the most magical tented camps in all of Africa and offers guests the chance to experience Africa as it was fifty years ago, but all from the comfort of a small and personal luxury tented camp. Katavi is a magical place which has abundant game and predators around every corner – and of course virtually no people.

3. Namiri Plains – Serengeti, Tanzania


Namiri Plains is an amazing camp, which has just opened up a vast area of the Eastern Serengeti, which was previously closed to the public for twenty years. The camp itself is very comfortable although not over the top luxury, but the area itself is so dramatic and private that it should not be missed – it is by far the best place in East Africa to see predators.

4. Sabora Tented Camp – Serengeti, Tanzania


Sabora is a Singita property located in the middle of some short grass plains in the private Grumeti Reserves, Western Serengeti. The camp is built on raised decking with huge suites and draped in canvas. This is luxury tented camping for the discerning and the whole camp is ornately and beautifully furnished with real campaign furniture, used by the first explorers of Africa. Sabora is quite magical and the Michelin star chef will also make sure you’re well looked after.

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