Johannesburg: The Jewel in the Rainbow Nation’s Crown

Johannesburg: The Jewel in the Rainbow Nation’s Crown

The Rainbow Nation is proud of its largest city, the bustling metropolis of Johannesburg. Jozi, Joburg, whatever you call it, one thing remains – a visit to Johannesburg will be fulfilling, busy, and varied.

Modern and natural, all at the same time, there is much to see and do.

Let’s take a look at just a few of the activities to pass your time.

  • Cradle of Human Kind – There is no way on earth you can visit South Africa and not go here, let alone Johannesburg. This is without a doubt the best example of the development of civilisation, with proof to back it up! A World Heritage Site, located a short drive from the city, here you’ll find many limestone caves, including the famous Sterkfontein Cave, where the 2.3 million year old fossil remains of Mrs Ples was found! Excavations continue, so who knows what will pop up next. Head to the Maropent Visitors Centre.
  • Constitution Hill – A sombre reflection here will teach you the true meaning of your freedom. This is not only where many modern-day decisions are made, but also the site of the Old Fort Prison, the gruesome site where countless ordinary and innocent people were tortured and punished before democracy was fought and won. A tour of the complex is available every hour.
  • Lion Park – Whenever you go on safari you’re never guaranteed to see the one creature everyone wants to see – the lion. Well here you are 100% guaranteed, with a conservation enclosure dedicated to looking after and nurturing these powerful, majestic animals. A short drive from the city, this is a true nature day out.
  • Keeping on the nature tip – Johannesburg zoo, in the heart of the city, allows you to see wildlife in close proximity. A wonderful family day out, or for those who simply love to admire different species of wildlife, whilst learn about important conservation efforts.
  • Apartheid Museum – A great way to learn about the city, in a whistle-stop way, is to head to the modern-looking Apartheid Museum.
  • Hector Pieterson Museum – Located close to Soweto, a short distance from where namesake Hector Pieterson was shot, this museum was named in his honour. A sombre place to visit, but hugely important in terms of learning more about the culture, difficult and sometimes bloody history, and the fight for independence which has plagued this wonderful country.
  • Nelson Mandela Square. Purely for the name, and purely because no visit to Johannesburg would be complete without a nod to the late, great man himself.
  • Gold Reef City – A large amusement park located within the city, in an old gold mine! Themed around the gold rush, it’s quite educational, whilst also being a fun day out.

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Whether you spend your time shopping in the huge malls and markets, learning about the fight for freedom, checking out the wildlife in nearby sanctuaries, or visiting fossils and learning about civilisation, an exploration of Johannesburg is more than worth it, and truly enriching.


Feature photo credit: Celso Flores via photopin cc

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